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7 Ways to Engage People to Do Business With You

In an ever-crowding marketplace of start-ups, small enterprises, and conglomerate multi-national corporations filling every imaginable sector and niche, standing out amongst competitors really is no mean feat.

These top tips can help you grow and glow in a crowd of twinkling stars and truly become a shining light in whatever your business space looks like.

Make a Small Gesture

The human touch is often vastly underrated when it comes to business engagements… not least because, of course, you’re actually looking to engage with people.

Offer a lighter when you see a potential customer checking their pockets for one, hand over a branded umbrella on a rainy day, or supply a shopping bag when you see someone struggling with piles of items.

Promotional products from vendors such as IGO Promo don’t need to be relegated to exhibition stands: use them proactively for maximum impact.

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Be Approachable

Furthering the human touch includes being approachable, open, and friendly in all dealings with existing and potential customers; as well as letting them know you’re happy to be approached and chatted with/asked questions/probed on a debate. An open-door policy is one thing but continuing this in your everyday mannerisms really leads by example.

Shine as a Thought Leader

It is not enough to just be the supplier of a product or service. In order to differentiate and gain a competitive advantage, brands must position themselves as a thought leader in their given area of expertise.

This allows for them to be approached by others and respected by all involved, reinforcing skills, knowledge, and an ability to lead.

Adopt Subtle Marketing

People don’t want to be sold constantly but there are smart ways of marketing in a subtle, cool, calm and collected manner to reiterate desired messaging.

Building relationships and dropping into conversations about how you work, what you do, and how you can help others (when relevant) can be hugely influential without appearing over-the-top or pushy… if done correctly, of course!

Engage with Online Commentary

There’s no way of holding absolute control over what is being said or written about your brand online, but there are ways of engaging with such commentary to encourage custom, work on positive perception building, and analyze consumer behavior to meet their wants and needs in a better, more effective manner.

Responding to comments and reviews demonstrates a willingness to listen and to improve which is, sadly, a rarity amongst both B2B and B2C organizations.

Be Seen

Brand leaders should put their money where their mouth is and involve themselves wherever they are able in their industry – even where this means appearing alongside direct competitors.

Being present and physically visible (if not physically heard) at relevant events and functions helps reinforce brand presence and gives the impression of expertise.

Build a Community

Aiming to community build rather than just audience build can have vast benefits for businesses, transforming customers into advocates and loyal repeat purchasers.

Allowing people to feel as though they belong to something, and in particular, a group of like-minded folk who share something in common with them is hugely pleasing for the human psyche and nurtures customer relationships.

You’re a person and engaging with people is all business really entails. Being clever and creative with your approach in doing so will pay off in the long run – step by step, building a better, more sustainable, and more successful organization.


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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.