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Best Ways To Improve Online Store

In 2022, the number of online buyers in America was 268 million. Assuming that everyone spent $5,381 on average the entire year, you can do the math and you will be amazed at the huge numbers. 

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, people have become loyal online shoppers. Before then, they were a bit wishy-washy about it. And the number of online shoppers grows yearly! By 2025, it’s estimated that about 290 million Americans will be loyal to online retail. 

You can have a piece of this cake, by starting an online store. Creating a fabulous website is one thing. Hosting it on the right plan, marketing it, and enhancing the customer experience is where the real work is. 

It needs a lot of SEO work, testing, and checking various functions all the time to give your customers the best experience. Start with the ideas shared below to boost your online store sales:

1. Have A Nicely Positioned Search Box

When you improve the search experience of your customers, they will find what they need fast and buy just as fast. In addition, when the search engine for your site auto-suggests related products, the customer might be compelled to buy something extra. 

To give the customers a seamless search experience with filters, auto-complete, shopping cart, and call to action buttons, invest in a professional site search service provider like LupaSearch

Remember, if your customers get a bad search experience, they will take their business elsewhere to eCommerce sites that enable them to find the things they need fast. 

2. Use Data To Make Decisions

Collect data, analyze it, and then make decisions based on the deductions you make from it. Trying to make a profit online without data is like a rudderless ship steering blindly on the high seas. 

Data is going to reveal so many things about your customers. For instance, a look at Google Analytics will tell you where most of them come from. Therefore, you can know where to pump your SEO efforts

If Google Analytics shows you that sizable traffic coming to your site is organic, hop over to Google Search Console and check the keywords that are bringing people to your online store. You can then figure out how to boost these keywords so that they last longer on the prime ranking positions on the search engines. If you need to create a blog and drive more traffic to them, do it. 

3. Use High-Quality Images

Pay a professional photographer to take your images or invest in high-quality equipment. You must capture the colors as they are. Capture the product from different angles. Images too play a role in customer satisfaction when shopping online

On their own photos can tell a better story than written words. Capture them in such a way that people can make buying decisions based on the images. 

4. Give Your Customers Free Shipping

When you offer affordable items, customers might hold back a bit from buying from many of them if they have to pay a shipping fee. 

Customers love free shipping. And who doesn’t? To a buyer, this is a show of consideration for their welfare. Most importantly, they will come back for more items later. 

It might be hard to offer free shipping for all items. Therefore, you can offer shipping on a minimum of certain orders, based on how much one spends. For instance, you can give free shipping for all orders above $50. 

5. Improve Mobile Responsiveness

You must make every function of your website available on mobile, including the site search engine. People want to access all the parts of your website even when they are on the move, on their mobile devices. 

Every year, data shows that mobile shopping alone brings in billions of dollars, especially during the shopping holidays such as Cyber Monday, and Black Friday and over the Christmas period. 

If your customers don’t get a good experience shopping on your website over mobile, they are not going to wait to get to their desktops. Rather, they will move to other sites that offer a better scrolling and display experience. 

6. Encourage Your Customers To Leave Genuine Reviews

Today, people look for buyer reviews before they order anything online. This is why it is paramount to encourage your customers to leave reviews. 

Ask them to leave photos of the items they buy from your online store. It is also important that you don’t delete the negative reviews. 

Instead, respond to the review, apologize to the customer for the bad experience, make reparations where possible, and explain the measures you are taking to prevent the same from happening in the future. 

7. Add A Live Chat Function

Even when you have the best site search engine, you still need to consider adding a live chat function and make sure there is a customer service representative available at the appropriate hours. 

If the customers experience any hitches on the website, they can reach out to support for assistance. Please note that a good number of online shoppers today have no computer knowledge, so they would appreciate any assistance coming their way. 


Improving the online shopping experience for your customers is a never-ending experience. You have to keep testing functions such as mobile responsiveness, site search engine, and image displays. 

Other things you can do to improve the customer experience include proofreading your content, enhancing site navigation, and offering freebies. 

If you keep thinking about your customer and building things to give them an easier shopping experience, you will have a better opportunity to share the cake that is the $5 trillion online retail industry.

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