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8 Ways to Increase Your Income as a Registered Nurse

Nurses invest in themselves by attending nursing programs and preparing for a rewarding career. By viewing their career as an investment, the nurse will take new steps to advance in the career and increase their earning potential.

8 Ways to Increase Your Income as a Registered Nurse

These steps could lead them to new organizations or employers, or they could travel the world and provide healthcare for patients in areas where healthcare is not abundant. How they navigate through their career defines the nurse’s greatest potential and shows them what more they can do to increase their income and maximize it in their chosen field.

1. Complete a Higher Degree Program

A higher degree program qualifies the nurse for higher positions within a medical center, hospital, or private practice. By continuing their education, the nurses grow with their current organization or brand out into a new area of healthcare. A higher degree gives them more leverage to get a better job and increase their earning potential. They can complete online rn to bsn programs, and the nurses could complete a master’s degree program later on.

2. Research Other Locations

By researching locations and salary opportunities, the nurses discover how much they can earn in different states as a nurse. The assessment shows them where to move to maximize their earning potential and compares the cost of living to the pay rates.

By finding a location that pays considerably more the nurse maximizes their earning potential and get a chance to advance in their career. The purpose of the research is to find the best location for getting the most out of their career and achieve the highest pay rate for their current position.

3. Choose a Speciality

Nurses that choose a specialty to increase their earning potential and have unique opportunities. They have several options from which to choose, and if the nurse wants to maximize their earning potential, they could choose several specialties and increase their value in their current organization.

Their specialty qualifies them for a variety of positions in medical centers, hospitals, and other healthcare-related facilities. They may also qualify for positions in larger organizations in new areas and receive incredible job offers with relocation expenses.

4. Increase Your Hours

Nurses that increase their workload get overtime pay and increase their income. Many medical facilities offer overtime hours for nurses that want to have longer work weeks, and by working overtime, the nurses could impress their supervisors and show that they want to grow with the organization and are dedicated to their job.

This may give them more opportunities to climb the ladder and achieve higher positions with their current employer. Nurses that want to generate greater savings can get more by working overtime hours and invest in their career further.

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5. Agree to Travel

Traveling nurses make far more than nurses that remain in the same area all the time. When traveling, the nurses provide healthcare to a variety of patients throughout the work. They become involved in a multitude of programs that generate higher than average earning potential. Nurses that are willing to travel get more opportunities in organizations anywhere, and they could find a new employer during their travels that tops out their income.

They can also cultivate more skills by traveling to new medical centers and completing training. These traveling opportunities maximize their potential and give them everything they need to expand in their career when they find their preferred location.

6. Take On Management Jobs

Management and administration jobs provide nursing professionals with leadership roles and top salaries. In leadership roles, the nurses oversee other nurses in a variety of health care facilities, and they have set hours.

For nurses that want to work in management and administration, they must have a higher degree such as a master’s in nursing administration. As they grow in their current organization, they will qualify for these positions and take the next steps in their careers.

Top salaries range over $100,000 annually. They could also get more opportunities in other states or counties

7. Change Industries According to Salary Opportunities

A switch from hospitals to mental health facilities opens several doors for nurses and healthcare professionals. Mental health professionals provide patients with vital services, and nurses could take on a role in the industry by providing care for patients who are admitted into mental health facilities.

They could get a significant increase in their salary according to their specialty, and the mental health industry is expanding more and more each day.

By changing industries, they can also learn more about another area of healthcare that requires nurses to care for patients. Nurses that are compassionate and love to help others could provide exceptional care for mental health patients. They can choose to work with the elderly or with patients of all ages.

8. Continue Your Education

A career in nursing requires the nurses to continue their education, and they can choose to enter into a new college program or go to work for an employer that offers on-the-job training opportunities. Some employers will pay for college programs for their nursing staff and help them advance in their careers.

These investments into the new nursing staff are an investment into the future of the medical center, and employers choose nurses that have great potential and show real promise for their organization.

There may be some requirements for the opportunities such as agreeing to work for the organization for a specific amount of time.

Nursing careers present professionals with an extraordinary opportunity to serve others and provide high-quality healthcare.

When taking the next steps in their career, the nurse must determine how to advance and increase their income. For example, nurses that complete higher degree programs qualify for new job positions and get higher salaries.

If they work overtime, the nurses can increase their income considerably, and they could impress a new employer.

Changes in location or switching to a new industry in healthcare gives them better opportunities in their field. They can also increase their earning potential even further by choosing a specialty and traveling throughout the world to locations where healthcare is scarce.


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