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3 Ways to Increase Your Online Event Registration and Attendance

Online events are the norm nowadays, but this doesn’t mean they are easy to organize. 

The pandemic and easy access to video conference software like Zoom or Meet led to an increase in popularity for virtual events, but people are still confused. After all, who wants to sit in their living room and watch a speaker talk? There’s YouTube for that!

How to Increase Online Event Registration and Attendance

In-person events had a list of incentives (networking opportunities, good food, socializing, business travel, and so on) that it’s difficult to match in the virtual world. Still, events are a great way to get the word going about a new product or to put the brand on the map. This means it will take a bit more work to get people to register and actually attend your virtual event.

Here are a few tips from successful event planners who made the switch to virtual and hybrid events without losing their crowd. 

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Yes, it is an online event and yes, there aren’t that many moving items to keep in check. However, this doesn’t mean you can post the ad and forget about it. 

First of all, you have to plan for tech-related errors and mishaps. Video conference software is not always the most intuitive, which leaves less tech-savvy users in the shadows.

So, before anything, you have to make sure the platform you want to use is easy to understand even for a 4-year-old. If not, offer access to tutorials and open a line of communication for people who want to attend but feel the process is too complex. 

Also, you should work with an online event registration software that makes it easier to confirm (for participants) and helps organizers with the planning. 

Drive Engagement

Confident elegant lady in eyeglasses hosting webinar

Webinars and online conferences can be fun, but only if participants have the option to interact with speakers and other participants. Speakers should have the option to choose when they take questions and suggestions from guests and guests need to know how to get in contact with their favorite speakers. 

In fact, online events are amazing from this point of view since in-person events rarely can guarantee guests get to chat with those on stage (especially if it’s a large event). It may also help to allow guests to schedule one-on-one meetings with their favorite speakers.

Plus, it’s important to ask speakers and entertainers to prepare their presentations for an online setting.  

Solid Marketing

Good promotion is part of every successful event. However, since it’s a fully online setting, you have to target the campaign towards a different audience – one that is comfortable with online conferences and has the interest to attend. 

One important element of your campaigns is the event page. Here, you have to offer clear details about speakers, software used to connect, and more. Also, interested viewers need several communication channels with event organizers so they can ask questions and address any misunderstandings. 

Make sure the event page is visually attractive and easy to browse. Plus, important information like the date and time, speakers, topics, and more need to be quickly visible for everyone visiting the page. 

Lastly, a well-designed event page can help you gather useful information about interested participants and people interested but not determined enough to register. This data can later be used in your marketing strategy to promote your brand. 

In Summary

Online events involve fewer costs and preparation than in-person events, but they are a bit more difficult when it comes to attracting an audience.

Still, with proper planning and a solid marketing strategy, it gets easier to show people you have something interesting to say. So make sure to focus on the promotion and organization (among others), and people will come.


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