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7 Ways to Modernize Your Workspace

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When people think of startups, they think of companies that employees want to work for because of their positive company culture and well-designed office spaces.

As a startup, you want your company to live up to the same expectations if you want to see growth soon. However, it’s not always easy to make drastic changes when you’re so busy focusing on more important management tasks, like working with clients.

7 Ways to Modernize Your Workspace

Here are seven ways to make sure your workspace is modern enough to make a good impression among employees, social media followers, and clients.

1. Change Up Checking In

If you’re out of the office but want to keep track of your employees’ attendance, there’s a new and improved way to do so. With biometric attendance software, your employees can sign in for the day with facial or fingerprint recognition.

The software is also great for recurring visitors and vendors. It makes your business appear cutting-edge and sends the message that you take security seriously.

2. Invest in Desks

Most of the workday is spent at our desks, so shouldn’t you put extra thought into them?

There is increasing awareness that sitting all day at work can lead to medical problems later in life.

Investing in sit and stand desks will make your employees happier and healthier. It will also display to clients and investors that you are a forward-thinking company.

Make sure any furniture you purchase, including desks, is high quality. This will mean less money spent down the line on repairs and replacements.

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3. Keep it Open

Open floor plans are the way of the future (We don’t think anyone will mourn the death of the cubicle!). Open floor plans encourage collaboration and socialization amongst employees.

You can always add breakout rooms or conference rooms for private meetings and phone calls.

4. Let the Light In

We’ve all been in those offices with harsh fluorescent lighting and scarcely a window in sight. Just thinking about it is enough to bum you out.

Natural light has a marked improvement on overall mood. It boosts morale and increases productivity. Think of large windows and floor-to-ceiling glass doors. Not only will it make for happier employees, but it will also save you money on heating.

5. Create a Soundproof Sanctuary

A surefire way to distinguish yourself as a modern office is to soundproof the space. Think of how distracting things like construction, traffic, and elevator pings from across the hall can be.

Soundproofing your office will improve employee happiness and focus.

6. Branding is King

Many people forget that your office space is a great branding opportunity in and of itself. Why not have your office color scheme match your brand logo? Or have an artist paint a mural with your brand name on the wall of the space?

Don’t shy away from incorporating your branding into the workspace. It will impress clients and give employees a sense of company camaraderie.

7. Clutter is the Enemy

It’s easy to get overexcited with all the possibilities for transforming your office space. But no matter how many ideas you might have (plants, exposed brick, beanbag chairs!), remember that you still want organization and cohesion.

You don’t want clutter in your workspace. It can decrease productivity and looks sloppy to visitors.

Invest in storage space and aesthetically pleasing shelves. Keep clutter out of sight, so your space looks clean, minimalist, and modern.

Final Thoughts

The world looks up to startup companies as trendsetters of workspace aesthetics and cutting-edge practices. That’s because the value of a clean, modern workspace cannot be overstated.

Your employees will enjoy coming to work every day, your visitors will want to come again, and your investors will see that you’re keeping up with and setting trends. Plus, you’ll have great photos for your website and social media.


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