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5 Ways to Set Up Your Website to Optimize Sales

Whatever our industry in business, we all want to make more sales and increase our bottom line and it can sometimes feel difficult to know how to go about it.

5 Ways to Set Up Your Website to Optimize Sales

There are a few but effective ways you can consider doing to make sure your website is set up to increase your sales. Explore each and see how it can work for you.

Taking sales

Does your payment gateway work as smoothly and simply as possible? Both for your benefit as a merchant, but also for your customers, this is something that is vital.

If something is too complicated, takes too much time, or involves too many steps, you are increasing the chances of your potential customer clicking off the page and going elsewhere.

Make sure you test your sales page on different browsers and devices to check for any issues. Streamline the process as much as you can, while still gathering the required information.

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Make things easy to find

Again, people online can be impatient and if they can’t find something on your website, they likely won’t bother sticking around.

Make sure you have an easy-to-use search function, as well as ways of filtering different products, sizes, etc. Set up a way to showcase popular products and have related products on each page to increase upselling, or to trigger your customer to add a few more things to their shopping basket.

Share reviews

Around 95% of customers will read reviews before they choose to purchase something. Thus, if you are not sharing and shouting about your positive reviews, you could be hugely missing out on sales.

Make sure your reviews are prominent without being too cluttered and overwhelming on the page and make it simple for customers to leave reviews after they purchase to keep comments relevant and fresh.

Consider visuals

Really good quality photography is key when you’re selling products.

People want to see an item from different angles, and in different contexts, so for example, if you’re selling a sweater, you should try to show it as a flat lay as well as on a model at different angles so that prospective customers can see how it fits and where it falls.

To take your visuals to the next level, consider adding video to key products as videos on your landing page can increase conversion by 86%!

Keep it responsive

Most people utilize mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to do their online shopping, so if you aren’t making sure that your design is completely mobile responsive, you really could be losing a whole lot of potential customers.

Again, check to see how it looks and functions on a variety of devices.


Ultimately, it’s all about making the user experience easy and enjoyable for your customers to keep them coming back to make purchases.

Be sure to tick these boxes and you should see a real difference in your sales and income. Once you have the basics set up, it’s all about optimizing and leveling up from here.


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