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5 Ways to Prepare Your Restaurant for Summer

Restaurants get more business during summer, resulting in a traffic spike. Tourists and travelers will bring in new sales and even new faces, leading to an extra customer influx. This puts pressure on you to adequately prepare your restaurant for the summer season.

Preparing the right way can help you leverage the summer surge to attract new clients while driving repeat business to your restaurant. Here are five ways to prepare your restaurant for summer.

1. Utilize a linen service

If you’re looking to rent or buy restaurant linen, including tablecloths, runners, and napkins, a linen service can help you find the ones that match your budget and needs, and that too on time. Dealing with restaurant linen can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially during summer when you and your staff are busy. During such times, a restaurant laundry service can be a lifesaver. With this service, you save time, allocate it to more essential tasks, and serve your customers better.

Restaurant laundry services are convenient because the providers will deliver the products when you need them, collect them when dirty, and clean them. Since summer is a peak season for restaurants, you may need the uniforms, table linen, and restaurant linen washed more regularly. A good linen service should be able to cope with your restaurant’s demand. An online search for a “linen service near me” can help you find a company you can trust and partner with.

2. Update your restaurant menu

A summer menu is a seasonal menu, meaning it’s available for a limited period during a particular time of the year. Your summer menu includes fresh, in-season offerings. Since the menu is only available for a limited time, it creates a sense of exclusivity and urgency, enticing customers to try the new offerings before time runs out.

Tweaking your restaurant menu to suit the summer weather is an excellent way to remain relevant while boosting your bottom line. During this period, you can capitalize on the farmers market ingredients, summer specials, grilled vegetables and meat, salads, seasonal drinks, and seafood.

3. Prepare a staffing plan

Summer is a busy season in the hospitality industry, with most people dining out and traveling. This increases the need for more staff. Recruiting restaurant staff during summer can be challenging because of the increased demand for staff, the constantly tight labor market, and the lack of seasonal workers’ onboarding. This calls for an adequate staffing plan for summer.

To ensure your restaurant is fully staffed for the summer influx, advertise to the right people and expand your recruiting pool by contacting temporary workers, students, and gig workers. Consider cross-training employees to boost rapport among your staff and employee sustainability. Improve employee retention to prevent employees from leaving just before the busy period begins.

4. Update your restaurant’s patio

Revamping your patio is an excellent way to make your restaurant stand out and give customers memorable outdoor dining experiences. Before preparing the outdoor space, familiarize yourself with the state, federal, or local restaurant patio regulations. Design a patio layout and consider transforming part of the space into a cozy lounge using couches and fire pits. You can create a full-service outdoor bar or implement outdoor patio cooking. Choose the best patio décor and furniture and ensure pests don’t invade the space.

5. Publicize your restaurant on social media

Once your restaurant is ready for summer, you want your customers and prospects to know what you’re offering. You can market your restaurant on social media platforms and the business’s website and share photos of the meals, drinks, activities, and anything else you offer. Run caption contests for customers and reward whoever creates the best caption with a free meal or drink. You can also ask your customers to take and post creative photos of themselves at the restaurant and reward them. This will entice others to want to try your restaurant’s experience.


Preparing your restaurant for the peak season can help increase sales and boost your bottom line. Use these tips to prepare your restaurant for summer.

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