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Ways to Protect Your Online Business

Protecting your online business is more important than ever before. With the increase in criminal activity online, such as phishing and ransomware attacks, our latest blog post covers some of the ways you can protect your online business from cybercriminals.

Ways to Protect Your Online Business

No matter how big or small your business is, you want to protect it. Understanding how to do that is very important and can help you keep your business thriving. Here are ways you can protect your online business.

1. Planning and preparation

The number one thing that will help you keep your business safe is to plan ahead. Regardless of your position or the size of your business, you need to plan adequately for security. In fact, it’s imperative that you focus on protecting your online business if and when it’s important to your location. Prevention is always better than a cure.

2. Protect yourself

You can never stop them from trying to hack into your site, but you can make it much harder for them to succeed. You can also protect yourself in the event that you are hacked. Professional indemnity insurance will cover your business for a number of reasons, such as providing poor services, bad advice, or dodgy design. Anything which has resulted in your clients or others losing money which is highly likely to happen in the event of a security breach.

3. Protect your content

Protecting your content is a major step to protecting your business. Copycats can come in all shapes and sizes, but none are more dangerous to your online business than the content thief. Make sure all of your content is password protected and that the password cannot be found by just searching Google – this will deter opportunistic hackers looking for easy content.

4. Remove unused plugins

If your website has been active for more than three years, chances are it has accumulated a lot of plugins that are no longer being used. This can easily complicate the installation or update of new plugins as one mistake can bring down your whole website.

Seek out any unused plugins and uninstall them immediately. Even though you are not using them, they are still open doors and can (and often do) house malicious code intent on destroying your site.

5. Secure your domain name

Although securing your domain name is vital to protecting your business’s page rank and search engine visibility, many online businesses neglect this step. Your main domain is your brand, and you should think of it as the cornerstone of your business. Keep an eye out for cybercriminals who have been known to hijack registered domains by cybersquatting or purchasing them from cybersquatters.

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We are in an era where more and more information is shared on the internet. As a result, many people are taking advantage of it, either for personal benefit or to bring harm.  The way you prevent this from happening is by being proactive and taking the steps above to protect it.