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5 Different Ways to Thank Your Employees for Doing a Great Job

From customer service to production to sales, employees play a critical role in keeping your company running smoothly. For this reason, it is essential to show your appreciation for their hard work, whether it’s through words or actions.

When you appreciate your worker’s efforts and contribution to your organization, you foster a positive working environment, which can help boost their morale and increase retention.

Moreover, employees who feel valued are more engaged and likely to perform better.

Here are five handy tips if you are unsure how to start appreciating your staff for a well-done job.

1. Give Out Formal Awards

Nothing says “thank you” quite like an award ceremony. So, consider passing out awards for specific achievements, like Best Salesperson of the Month or Employee of the Year.

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Awards not only allow you to recognize your employees’ dedication but also give them something tangible to keep as a distinct reminder of their hard work.

Additionally, awards serve as an incentive to encourage employees to continue striving for future greatness.

However, you must ensure that the award you pick matches what you want to achieve by gifting your employee. For instance, a customized glass plaque award may be an excellent option if you want to convey a sense of style and sophistication in your recognition efforts.

You may also consider other types of employee awards, such as trophies, certificates, and financial incentives.

2. Host a Special Lunch or Dinner Event

Another excellent way to thank your employees is by hosting a celebratory event where they can gather together and enjoy a meal. This can vary from something simple, like a luncheon at your office, to a more elaborate dinner at a local restaurant.

Depending on your budget, you can also invite your staff’s family members. However, before sending out the invitations, be sure to consider everyone’s dietary restrictions. You can also ask your team to choose their preferred venue for the lunch or dinner event as a bonus reward.

3. Send Handwritten Thank-You Notes

Thank-you notes and handwritten formal letter are easy and affordable way to show how much you value your team’s contributions and dedication to your company. These notes can be beneficial when you want to express gratitude instantly for a job well done.

When writing a thank-you note, be personal and sincere in your message, as it will make your appreciation more meaningful.

Ideally, your message should include:

  • The employee’s name.
  • A summary of how you think they have contributed to the company’s success.
  • An acknowledgment of their professional growth.

4. Offer Office Perks

Office perks can go a long way towards boosting the happiness and satisfaction of your employees. Best of all, you don’t have to break the bank to offer office perks.


Free lunch or snacks can be a great way to start. You can also offer free office supplies such as pens, paperclips, customized diaries, and notebooks. If your top-performing employee has a car, you can offer to pay their parking fee for as much time as you can afford.

While office perks are essential, don’t forget about your remote employees if you have any. Make them feel included in your perks by sending them snacks or beverages or paying their monthly internet bill.

5. Offer Extra Time Off

While most employees prefer financial incentives and other tangible awards, offering extra time off can be a great way to thank your staff without breaking the bank. A time off doesn’t have to be the whole day. Even a few hours of the day can make a huge difference to employees who don’t often get much time away from work.

Moreover, if it suits your business model, you can allow some top-performing employees to work remotely on specific days of the month. This can be especially valuable to workers with young children or elderly parents to take care of.

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