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6 Ways to Use Tumblr to Boost Your Personal Brand

When you think of boosting your personal brand on social media, Tumblr might not be the first platform that springs to mind. LinkedIn is known for being the de facto business site, and Twitter (now known as X), Facebook, and Instagram each have their respective roles to play, depending on the type of business you run and where your key audience hangs out.

But don’t be too quick to bypass Tumblr. It can be a veritable goldmine. 

For instance, take a look at the Tumblr profile for Kapish Haldia, a business investor who has helped rescue businesses from bankruptcy. You’ll find a full, comprehensive bio detailing his early entrepreneurial roots, his education, his work history, and more. Tumblr lets you post lengthy bios, whereas many other platforms have stricter word or character counts that make it challenging to tell the world just who you are and what you do.

Here’s how Tumblr can help boost your personal brand:

Tumblr gives you the “Why.”

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In his now viral TED Talk, Start With Why, Simon Sinek says, “People don’t care what you do, they care why you do it.” Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and X show others what you’ve done — but Tumblr gives them the insights into why you did it. If you’re ready to show the world what you believe in, Tumblr is a terrific platform for you. Once people begin to develop a real sense of who you are beneath the curated social media posts one typically sees on other sites, they’ll be more interested in getting to know more about your brand.

Tumblr combines social networking with micro-blogging, enabling users to discover and share unique, diverse content. Because the content is user-generated, tight-knit communities form, and engagement tends to be high. This will help you build strong relationships with people who are interested in your personal brand — and help build brand loyalty as well. 

Follow other people’s blogs and repost their content. Everyone loves to see their work featured on other social media pages. When you repost content that speaks to you, you start to build a fan base, because the content creator is likely to say thank you, and his or her connections will likely start to follow you as well.

The site allows users to fully customize their page using one of the several thousand themes provided, rather than the set template the other platforms offer. One size does not fit all! This ability to customize your Tumblr profile allows you to define your brand from the get-go. Instead of looking just like every other page on a particular social platform, your Tumblr page will be unique to you.

Create a custom Tumblr domain.

Want to go a step beyond customizing your design? Create a custom domain that includes the name of your website or brand. Presto: instant name recognition.

Use Tumblr for content marketing.

While many followers will only read your posts on their page and therefore not see your profile page unless they choose to navigate there, by using popular topics you can establish yourself as a player on the platform — and begin to generate viral posts faster and more effectively than on any other social site. And, you may get a big boost from other social media: Tumblr users tend to pick up interesting or unusual posts from X or Facebook comments and screenshot them on Tumblr. So while your brand can benefit from Tumblr, being on Tumblr will also boost your overall social media presence.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.