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6 Ways on How You Can Avoid Lines at the DMV

Waiting in line is one of the least favorable positions that you can find yourself in for a variety of reasons. People actually hate waiting in line so much that there is a job that emerged to existence composed entirely of waiting in line for someone.

Waiting to get in your favorite movie, buy a new console, or even get an autograph is not that bad, but waiting in line at the DMV feels absolutely bland and unnecessary.

6 Ways on How You Can Avoid Lines at the DMV

The good news is that you can reduce the time you stand in the DMV line, and even skip the line altogether. We’ve gathered a few tips that should help you avoid lines at the DMV.

Get it Online

In many cases, you don’t even have to step a foot in a DMV line to get what you want.

Before heading to the endless waiting lines, check your online options. There are many things that you can get done online such as renewing vehicle registration or changing your address.

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These minor tasks can be done in the comfort of your own house. All you need to do is to hit their online website, search for the right form, fill in your information, and that is it.

If you can’t find the document you are after online, there is an alternative trick you can resort to, in order to shorten your wait time.

Many mega-centers offer the option to wait online before you even reach the DMV doors. Thus, before heading out, make sure to look up the location you are driving to in order to find out if they offer online place holding. This way, you will be able to shorten the waiting duration.

Hire the Professionals

In certain states, i.e. California, it’s possible to delegate a professional office to finish up all DMV-related transactions without having you step into the DMV yourself. If you’re renewing your registration, you’ll receive help from the DMV experts every step of the way, which can be much faster than the help you’ll receive from the DMV office.

As mentioned by the DMV handlers of Quick Auto Tags, all you’ll need to renew your registration are the old registration card and DMV renewal form; REG 156 in the case of not having either document. Getting all your documents finalized at the DMV without having to step in the line is a great luxury that you should take advantage of.

Making an Appointment

The key to reducing the time you wait in the DMV line is sometimes as simple as booking a visit.

Some states do that mandatorily to reduce the time altogether, but if your state doesn’t, book an appointment yourself. It’s possible to book an appointment ahead of your visit up to 3 months before the visit.

If you didn’t manage to book an appointment, you can still visit the DMV at certain hours or days for the shortest wait line. You can aim for Saturday afternoons if the office works on Saturdays. The busiest times are usually the first and last days of the month, and after holidays as well.

man signing a document

Come Prepared

One of the many reasons people tend to get frustrated in DMV lines is that they have to wait in vain for long hours without managing to get anything done.

The secret to a fruitful trip to the DMV is going prepared with all necessary documents, identifications, and everything you might need from pens, hard copies, and personal pictures. This way, you will avoid wasting your time and others.

The DMV usually offers checklists with all the necessary documents you will need to complete your application. Checking these lists before heading out is essential to avoid waiting endless hours for nothing

Don’t Go at Lunch

Sometimes it’s tempting to go during the lunch hour to the DMV on a weekday, but that’s a mistake.

If there is one bad time in the day, it’s during the lunch hour. A lot of people have probably thought of the same idea, thinking that squeezing the DMV visit in their lunch break will make things easier. A big portion of DMV officers could be out for lunch as well.

It’s better if you inch your visit closer to the closing time of the DMV or during the first opening hour if you’re up early.

Big Events, Elections, and Bad Weather

There are a few events or circumstances that spell a very long day at the DMV.

You should never go to the DMV the day after a big sporting event because a lot of people may have put off their visit to the next day to catch the sporting event. You should avoid going to the DMV before an election because a lot of non-drivers may go to the DMV to obtain an official state ID for voting.

Predictably, the day after a big storm or downpour is going to be packed in the DMV because no one is willing to venture through bad weather to go to the DMV.


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