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5 Web Design Tips for Creating Your First Website

Did you know that over five billion people use the internet each day? These users are met with over two billion websites to browse.

As a small business owner, creating a website is a crucial part of setting your business up for success. Website design trends come and go, but one thing that will always matter is having a visually appealing website for users to engage with. If you are in WordPress then for a decent design and development you can try a reputed WordPress agency. Professional work is always preferable.

How can you make this happen? Please continue reading to learn our top five web design tips to employ as you design yours.

You can also check the website design firms to keep abreast of the latest trends in web designs.

1. Get Managed Hosting

Managing a website involves a lot of work and some relatively in-depth knowledge about how things work.

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If you don’t know what you’re doing, your site can be down for a period of time, which prevents people from learning information about your business, causes a loss in sales, and can ruin your reputation.

When it comes time to install updates, troubleshoot problems, and ensure the security and performance of your site are up to par, having managed WordPress hosting can be a lifesaver.

2. Choose Colors Carefully

The colors you pick for your website can have a massive impact on how people view your company. Therefore, part of modern website design is using impactful colors that represent your company well.

Opt for colors that don’t distract from the information on your site while still appealing to the eye and drawing people in. Try playing around and seeing what looks best to you.

3. Space Things for Easy Reading

Nothing is worse than navigating a website that’s full of large chunks of text or has a background that makes it hard to read text.

When designing your business website, make sure that text is spaced out enough and on a good background for visitors to read the information easily.

4. Optimize for Mobile Users

When it comes time to create a business website, make one of your main focuses optimizing the site for mobile users.

Today, many people do all of their web surfing and online shopping through their phones versus a desktop or laptop like they used to. So if your site looks great on a desktop but not on a smartphone, you could be missing out on tons of sales.

5. Design From Scratch vs. A Template

Plenty of template websites look beautiful and provide a pleasant user experience. However, if possible, you should opt for a custom website that’s designed from scratch.

This sets your business apart from the rest and guarantees that your site won’t be like any other business site.

Five Useful Web Design Tips

Designing a website doesn’t need to be overwhelming. This article highlights five helpful web design tips for complete beginners. If you implement these tips, you should end up with a gorgeous website that impresses potential customers at first sight and functions well when you need it most.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to read more information geared toward new business owners that aim to set them up for success, please check out the rest of our site for more!


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