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Top Web Design Trends For 2023

To make websites and apps user-friendly, productive, and aesthetically pleasing, it’s important to consider the best practices in user experience and user interface design.

The possibilities of modern technologies are constantly expanding, and with them, new directions in digital design appear. 2023 is already close, which means it’s time to consider the top trending web designs that will determine the way websites are created next year.

Modern web trends

Virtual and augmented reality

The reasons for virtual reality’s popularity are Meta’s desire to build its own metaverse and the pandemic, during which we thought about how to involve VR in everyday life.

With each new round of technological progress, designers should think about how these interactions will be implemented and how to ensure user safety. To do this, the following questions should be considered:

  • How realistic should these situations be?
  • Can prolonged wearing of the headset cause headaches and vision impairment?
  • How to create mixed reality solutions that can be used throughout the day without health consequences?

In the future, these technologies will continue to evolve and be more actively regulated.


In the past, creating animations for websites and applications was quite difficult. Development teams had to constantly make compromises between animation quality, site speed, and application size.

In the future, the animation is likely to become even more widespread – and not only liven up the design but also simplify the user experience by surprising with unusual micro-interactions.

Immersive page scrolling

Motion design

is critical in creating an immersive page-scrolling experience. Today, thanks to Javascript, animation libraries, and native implementations (such as linear interpolation methods), it’s easier than ever to create smooth animations and customize the scrolling behavior of components.

Now content presentation can be more storytelling oriented and web design marketing agencies like have full control over how users see it.

Web banner trends

Chaotic typography

Unlike chaos in real life, we like chaos in the printing house. Chaotic typography will be in the trend of web design 2023 and will allow you to make any decisions. No rules, be creative to your heart’s content! Chaotic typography is widely known both in the business industry and among social media influencers. Banners, posters, and publications with quotes look much more attractive if they are designed in the style of chaotic typography, combining large and small headings.


Gold is one of the most fashionable colors this year. When developing a design, it can be used in different shapes and textures – shiny, metallic, silky, rough, etc.

Return of symbols

Trends 2023 web design will return the fashion for gods and goddesses, the moon and stars, signs on the palm of the hand, and other symbols – love, strength, and beauty. Talismans and various symbols will give designers a new breath and inspire new projects.

Responsive design trends

A web page should be readable and attractive on any screen or part of it. Therefore, adaptability is one of the key website trends.

First of all, the emphasis will be on mobile phones. It is clear to everyone that they are used to working with the Internet much more often than computers and laptops. It is also worth considering the windowed browser mode, which is often used to view multiple web pages.

In addition to text and media content, any elements may disappear from the screen when resizing them. But some of them should take on a different appearance when they become available. So, the key component of a web page on the phone is the “Menu” button, which will allow you to go to:

– personal account;

– shopping cart (if it is a store);

– information about tariffs;

– website settings (if available to users);

– help;

– main sections of the site.

Trends in mobile web design

Until recently, the adaptability of websites was quite limited – without bright elements, full-size banners, and triggers. However, now, when smartphones and tablets have become more updated when the system can recognize voices and even use voice bots, and the performance of the gadget and the size of the diagonal of its screen allows you to include absolutely any tools in the design of the site, developers have more opportunities. This influenced the web design trends of 2023.

Responsive logos

New in web design, which from now on will always be relevant.  Adaptive logos that automatically adjust to the display size can perform two functions simultaneously: your business will be able to show your brand to the target audience regardless of what device a person uses, and the search engine will evaluate the behavioral factor when analyzing the mobile version of the site, improving the position of the resource in the search results.

Bright colors

Emotions are the most important factor for the user and colors can convey emotions the best. Seeing juicy and flashy colors, properly matched to each other, your target audience will appreciate your courage, staying on the site and continuing to use it.

Juicy graphics and images

Habitual and standard photos on the site are becoming crowded. The sophisticated consumer needs something new, interesting, unusual, and extraordinary. Graphics comes to the rescue. And not simple, but ultra-bright, colorful, focusing on itself.

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