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Ways to Perform a Website Audit for SEO

Trying to figure out if your website works or not is fundamental to the success of your business.

Ways to Perform a Website Audit for SEO

You depend on traffic and if there is a problem with your SEO or Search Engine Optimization then you will have a site that nobody sees. Usually, when your SEO is not working there are several issues and not just one causing the problem.

You’ll need to do a site audit to try to figure out if your site is working to its potential and if it isn’t, what the cause could be. You can hire an SEO agency to do the audit for you if you feel like you need a different set of eyes.  Plano SEO experts know what to look for and can spot the problems right away.

If you are on a budget, however, then you can certainly do this audit yourself. In this article, we will give you some things to check when doing this audit on your own.

Check for indexing issues

Getting indexed by Google means that your site has been crawled by Google’s bots and there is a record of it in the search results. Now, indexing doesn’t mean that people will see your site as the ranking could put you far out of the clicking range of any reasonable searcher. In any case, you will have the ability to rise in the rankings if your site is indexed if you did things right.

However, if your site hasn’t been indexed then it is impossible to find. To find out, you can use the tool that Google provides for website owners called the Google Search Console. It is a behind-the-scenes look at your site. It will tell you if your site has been crawled and indexed or if it has not been indexed at all.

If it hasn’t been indexed yet, then you have the option to ask Google to send its crawler to your domain and index it. It can take some time but this may be the answer to the problem. Indexed pages mean that your site is searchable so a lack of traffic is another problem.

Check for thin content

If your pages have been indexed but still aren’t getting traffic then your content may be the problem. Do some digging and take a look at how the posts compare to the competition as far as how in-depth the articles are.

Do they answer the user query well, or does the competition do it better? The answer is usually that your content is thin and Google doesn’t think it serves the searcher’s intent well.

Load speed

An important factor in your site’s success is how fast it loads. A slow-loading site will have users bounce back to the SERPs to a site that doesn’t leave them waiting. You can do a test using another one of Google’s free tools called Page Speed Insights.

Enter your domain or page URL that you want to inspect and it will give you a report card on your site’s speed. A slow site will come up with a poor grade. Luckily, Google will tell you how to improve specific issues to speed up the site.


These are the three ways on how you can perform a website audit for SEO. If you are looking for more ways on how to increase your website traffic, check out more of our articles in this blog.


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