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Website Conversion Optimization Strategy; 5 Success Factors

For almost all internet business owners and marketers, conversion optimization is equally challenging. Acquiring legitimate traffic on the website itself is neither easy nor free; a lot of effort and time is involved if not money and so conversation optimization is a must for all those who value their website traffic.

Valuing your online traffic is exactly like a valuing customer visiting a shop; the better you care, the improved results you observe..

If you are a Digital Marketer with website e-commerce or lead generation goals as top priorities, setting up secondary objectives like newsletter signups and content downloads will work great to increase the landing page conversions.

conversion optimization strategy

Here you need a well designed conversion optimization strategy which turns your weaknesses into strengths.

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Conversation optimization strategy is about taking care of few factors that increase website conversion rates. Below is a quick detail about each:

1- Relevance:

Landing page must relate to what the visitors thought they were going to see when they clicked the link. This means, a strong coordination between the person developing the landing page and the one running SEO, or SEM or other PPC campaigns.

2- Clarity:

Landing page must clearly articulate the value proposition, i.e. the content, layout and the design all need equal attention. Thinking out of the box is a must to bring this clarity.

3- Urgency:

Landing page should have an indication for an action to be taken NOW. If you do not impose an urgency, there’s no point to do the business at all!

4- Trust:

Landing page must not have any potential item creating anxiety to the visitors. Remember, the lower the credibility you have , the higher the anxiety your prospect will show. To ensure credibility, both internal and external trust factors matter equally.

5- Non Distracting Flow: 

Landing page must not have any items that could divert visitors away from objectives of that particular page.

Once you work on the above 5 areas, you can develop your very own conversion rate optimization strategy that delivers.

One thing that you must realize by now that conversion optimization strategy is not just a one time affair. It needs to be incorporated within your marketing action plan whereby you measure the effectiveness of your efforts periodically.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.