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What a Business or an Entrepreneur Should NOT DO on Twitter

Some of you may have been registered on Twitter from the time it started and know what works for your business and what not while using Twitter. Though Twitter is there for years, it has become mainstream not long ago, and so there are chances that first time entrepreneurs and small businesses are not using it properly.

I will support my argument with the reality that rules out the most common misconception that Twitter is not a good platform for marketing B2B brands. Check out this article on Twitter for B2B marketing and lead generation and you will realize that it’s one of the most important places to find solid leads. So, the crux is, if you are a new business or even have been using Twitter for business for years, you must keep up with the latest Twitter user trends to alter your marketing strategy accordingly.

Honestly speaking, Twitter is a user-driven platform and the “rules” are always changing. Knowing the best practices will allow you to market your brand on Twitter more effectively. Lately we discussed the most important TO DOs on Twitter, i.e. optimizing Twitter profile, what to tweet, how to keep Twitter page of a business engaged and so on. Now it’s the time to know some NOT TO DOs.

The list is very simple and here it goes;

1- You don’t need to follow back every other person that follows you. This is not the right way to increase Twitter followers. When it comes to increase Twitter followers, you must know that too many followers are not useful if they are not active and engaged. So, device your Twitter marketing strategy that focuses on increasing engaged Twitter followers.

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2- Do not overuse #hashtag in tweets; it is meant to make your tweets easy to find in relevant conversations only. If you think this is how you can optimize your Twitter stream, then you must read this guide to keep your Twitter stream influencing.

3- Don’t let influencers unattended; use lists grouped by industry or topic to follow the industry influencers on Twitter.

4- Do not make private lists, keep them public so members know that they’re added and they will respond.

5- Do not spend too much time on Twitter; using tools like Tweetdeck, Grabinbox etc will save a lot of your time. Get a list of ideas for Twitter conversations developed and collect data from them using a Twitter scraper will save you a lot of time.

6- Do not block people; it doesn’t “block” them from your tweets, rather removes them from your Twitter stream.

7- Do not spam; a tweet with lot of mentions and a link to your website is deadly spammy.

8- Do not send auto-DMs (Direct Messages); they may unfollow you.

9- Do not be private; Twitter is public and people like to be public, so avoid DMing and other ways to get private.

10- Do not favorite every other tweet; and especially those with mentioning someone.

11- Don’t be negative; in just any sense. Everyone wants to be surrounded by positive people and organizations.

12- Don’t prolong; such conversations should be taken on your business email or relevant department’s email.

13- Don’t refollow; those whom you just unfollowed should not grab your attention again and again.

14: Don’t be unreal: don’t tweet about anyone/anything that you cannot do face to face.

Depending on situation you may encounter a lot more silly mistakes on your Twitter business profile, however avoiding the above mentioned ones will make the path more clearer.

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