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What Can Make an Influencer’s Life Easier?

If you’re not an influencer, you’re probably surprised to learn that, on average, influencers work much harder and longer than the general population. While there’s no denying that their job is hard and exerting, one of the key reasons for the long working hours, rather, is their lack of planning and failure to organize their work.

If you’re an influencer, while it is unlikely you’ll be able to reduce your workload by half or something along those lines, but you’ll nevertheless be able to drastically change the number of hours you work if you adopt a few simple pieces of advice.

Have a Consistent and Detailed Production Plan

Whether you’re producing high-quality animation videos or stream random games on Twitch, you will benefit from having a plan when it comes to content creation and curation.

  • It saves you time: having a process that you follow religiously can be extremely beneficial – after a while, you’ll learn how to automatically do all the necessary things involved as fast as possible. You don’t need to think about the minutiae like lighting, music, etc. as you start creating content faster. After a while, the time will add up and you’ll find yourself spending less and less time on production.
  • It pleases your followers: nothing is more annoying than a content creator that releases content sporadically. Followers will get tired of him, the content will see less interaction, and your follower base will see slower growth. A detailed production plan that you adhere to faithfully will solve all of these problems. Your followers will start expecting consistent timetables and consistent quality, and they’ll love you for it.
  • More Flexibility: a detailed production plan will give you more flexibility? This sounds paradoxical but it really isn’t. When you first come up with the plan, you’ll, ideally, do some research into your followers and learn what they want. A plan will take care of the basics of production, which are unlikely to change, but your time will get freed up to spend it on the rest of the process. While a production plan is likely to prevent you from changing the basics, it will let you build on top of them however you want.

Don’t Be Shy About Using Tools

You should definitely be on the lookout for tools you can use to make your life easier. This includes basic tools like Google Analytics that let you keep up with the trends to way more complex tools like Fourth Wall that allow you to successfully create an e-commerce platform on top of your current business model and diversify your sources of income.

As more and more tools start popping up that are directly created to make influencers’ lives easier, you’ll fall behind if you don’t make extensive use of them. It is undeniable that automation is making our lives easier, and it isn’t a trend that’s going to slow down anytime soon.

You Need to Learn How to Effectively Delegate

Our economy is turning into a gig economy – whether you’re stuck writing, editing, photoshopping, or researching a topic, there is a highly qualified person who is willing to do it for you for a reasonably small price. That’s why most business management classes and textbooks will have huge sections on how to effectively delegate tasks.

You should learn what tasks are the most difficult for you and takes you the most time to complete and think about ways you can delegate it.

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