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What Do I need to Setup a Home Office

Once working from home was women’s interest only, but now a day, every entrepreneur on tight budget prefers starting small right from home. Working from home has its own benefits, i.e. better work-life balance, no commute, and so on, but to avail all the benefits of working from home, you must have a dedicated home office (let it be a small corner of your home).

A proper home office makes you crazy productive as well as happy. Here in this article I will discuss all what you need to setup a productive home office.

Equipment: The first and foremost is the equipment that is needed to carry out the work. In most of the cases where the product is intangible or it’s a service, you just need a computer and that’s all. Make a list of all the equipment that you need to carry out the business activity but pay only for those items that you will use on a daily basis. Rest can always be outsourced!

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Connectivity & Flexibility: Since it’s the digital age, your online presence is a must, make sure to have good internet connection and also invest in a wireless hub for your office so you have the flexibility to work on your laptop or from your desk, your chair or a table, and at both standing and sitting heights.

A Separate Phone Line: It’s a must to give your home based business a professional look. Further, investing in a phone that has capability for messaging, conferencing and speaker functions is smart choice.

Lighting & Power: Ideally, you should select the brightest corner of your house for home office, i.e. you can have as much natural daylight as possible. But, it may not always possible; so make sure to have a balanced lighting in your home office. In case if there are frequent power breakdowns in your area, do have an alternative.

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Privacy: The most common misconception about home office is that you can work effectively from anywhere, i.e. bedroom, living room or garden. The truth is that, you need certain amount of privacy in order to be more productive and honestly, no one can work effectively in a sea of noise or interruptions.  While selecting a work space at your home, make sure that you have enough privacy there. In case, if you do not have such a corner in your home, do invest in wall dividers or bookcases that can ensure privacy as well as serve as storage.

The Desk & the Chair: Your sitting position is an essential for productivity, so make sure to get a good ergonomic desk and chair. Also consider, foot rests, ergonomic mouse instruments shaped to fit your hand and soft keyboard pads that allow rest and relaxation for the wrist, and foot rests.

Insurance: Last, but not least; do not forget insurance on that equipment. There are various affordable policies will insure your home office equipment in the event of a loss or disaster.

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