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What is Network Management?

Who maintains your business’s digital network and do you receive the best service possible?

If your team has difficulty managing your network then you’re not alone. The network management system providers market has seen a surge in growth in recent years. The US is the world’s leader in managed network services with a predicted 6.3% CAGR.

Why are more companies using managed network providers? What are the benefits? And what exactly is network management?

Read on to discover how network management systems can boost your firm’s performance. Learn how to make your network more secure and better provisioned. And see how by outsourcing you can actually reduce your IT costs.

What Is Network Management?

Computer network management uses every tool available to operate and maintain a secure network.

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Managed Service Providers (MSPs) aim to ensure that network resources remain available to all users at all times. They check for faults and performance issues and fix them before they impact performance. They also manage hundreds if not thousands of connected devices to provide a seamless experience both on and off-premises.

A large business network constitutes many interactive components. Keeping them all in working order is no easy feat. That’s why MSPs use tailored network management software tools to monitor for problems.

The best providers are proactive meaning that users won’t see downtime as the issues get solved before they occur.

Managed Network Services

A modern computer network goes beyond on-premises hardware and traditional client/server models.

A network admin must consider Internet access using wireless controllers and access points. Cloud and hybrid hosting let companies put their data online in a secure environment through multiple endpoints.

Managing these resources and profiles takes a huge toll on smaller teams. That’s why over 40,000 managed service providers assist by offering their services.

Network monitoring, proactive security, maintenance, and provisioning are the tip of the iceberg. MSPs also help automate routine network tasks through specialized software to try to reduce your monthly IT outlay.

Importance of Managed Networks

The goal of network management is to make sure your digital infrastructure works at the highest and safest level. Networks that are poorly maintained suffer from:

  • Poor productivity due to a lack of optimization
  • Lack of real-time security against malicious threats
  • Difficulty when spotting drops in performance

The main benefit of managed IT solutions is the reduction of costs over time.

Hiring professionals to maintain a business network is expensive, especially for smaller firms. Outsourcing to a dedicated team that can also set up hardware and software is more cost-effective.

By choosing a service level agreement (SLA) to fit your budget you can accurately predict your IT spend. And makes sure that your network will remain stable.

Cloud-Based Network Management Systems

Cloud providers like AWS and Azure now make it more affordable than ever to host data securely online.

For example, network medical management specialists can back-up content to the Cloud. Only authorized users get access while the requirements of HIPAA are met.

Contact an MSP to learn how a cloud solution can benefit your company’s network.

More Advice on Managing Your Business Network

Network management brings together all aspects of your company’s network to maintain them in a proactive way.

A good provider will monitor for threats or issues. The best providers also offer additional services like help desk support and on-site installation. You’ll see a reduction in costs too by not having to hire dedicated personnel.

Read more about managing your business network on our blog.


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