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What Is Property Management? 4 Things to Know

There are over 300,000 different property management companies in the United States. Clearly, property managers are in high demand. But, what do they actually do?

Are you asking the question, “what is property management?” Read on for everything you need to know.

1. Property Managers Wear Many Hats

A property manager makes sure that the property remains in good shape. Depending on the type of property, a property manager might make sure that a property is producing funds in the way it intended.

A residential or commercial building manager may collect rent from tenants and find new tenants when there’s a vacancy. The property manager will have to list vacant properties online and show the space to potential new tenants.

They’ll also have to get applications and information from potential tenants and make sure that everything checks out.

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If there are repairs or maintenance needs for a property, it’s the building manager’s responsibility. A property manager needs to be aware of the property management laws in a specific area. They’ll make sure all the paperwork involved in a property is done correctly.

A property manager is often also responsible for the taxes − they need to make sure that the property taxes are paid.

2. Property Management Is for All Properties

No matter what types of properties you own, you’ll need to have property management for them. This is true of industrial, residential, or commercial properties.

After all, every type of property needs at least some maintenance and needs its taxes and legal information to be taken care of.

3. Lots of Different Training Is Required

Property managers have a lot of balls they need to juggle. Property managers need to be able to meet the needs of their tenants, along with the needs of the landlords.

So, specialized training is often required. Balanced Asset Solutions training, for example, can help property managers understand how to use their software correctly.

There can also be legal requirements for property managers. In some states, property management companies are also required to be licensed, real estate brokers.

Some states don’t have this requirement if a property manager doesn’t deal with tenant funds, like rent money. Other places may require a specific property management license to work in property management.

4. You Can Find Property Management In Different Ways

There are multiple options for settling your property management needs. Some people choose to manage their own properties. You can hire one person to manage your properties.

You can also look into hiring a property management firm. This is particularly helpful if you own many different properties or if your properties are located in different cities or states.

What Is Property Management? Now You Know

So, what is property management? It’s an important part of the real estate industry. Make sure you’re paying attention to property management when you’re buying a property.

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