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What Makes a Good Salesperson? 11 Key Qualities to Have

Did you know that a sales representative comes in #3 as the highest paying job without a degree? And if you are a good salesperson, you can make a great entrepreneur.

Whether you are considering becoming a salesperson to kick start a career or you are already into a business that requires you to be good at sales, you should know some basics. There are certain traits or qualities necessary to be good at sales without being slaesy.

This article will discuss the eleven most sought after qualities that make a good salesperson. Read on to discover what traits have the top salespeople make top dollar in sales.

1- Positive

In sales, you’ll hear more no than yes, even as a top sales performer. You can’t let those negative responses get you down.

It’s best to look at a no as a not right now, instead of a forever no. Your best bet is to move on from that no and keep pushing ahead to find that yes.

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A great sales coach will teach you this trait since it’s vital for sales performance.

2- Charisma

Great sales traits will include charisma. Whether you’re talking to 1 person or 10, you’re going to want to be comfortable in your own skin, and be able to sell.

A common question an interviewer might ask you do is to sell them a pen. It’s a great way to determine your natural ability in sales.

3- Passion

While making your quota can be exciting and fun, it’s important you also have a passion for what you do. Incorporating passion into your job will pay off in the end.

Top salespeople will always be learning. When they’re not at work, you can find them listening to podcasts, or reading books on sales tips.

4- Empathy

Empathy is one of the top sales characteristics. If you can’t empathize with that person, how will you connect, and show them that they really need your product?

For example, if you’re selling a mop-vacuum, you might ask them how they currently clean their home, and how long it takes.

They might say how it takes them so long to clean their home between mopping and vacuuming. You can then tell them how your product is both a mop and vacuum, so it’ll save them time.

How will it save time? Well, instead of doing the vacuuming and mopping separately, it’ll do it at the same time cutting the time it takes in half!

5- Hunger

You need to have that hunger and drive, meeting the quota isn’t enough, you want to be the top performer. In sales, it can be very competitive. What you do today is different than what you did yesterday.

You’ll want to prove yourself, not by earning money, but showing you want to be, and can be a top-performer.

6- Prepared

A good salesperson will be organized and prepared. You’ll want to instill in your mind to research who you’re calling before making the call.

People love it when it’s more personable. If you just call and say “Hi there, I’m __ calling about the mop vacuum…” people will lose interest quickly.

People love to talk about themselves, ask them questions, keep them engaged, find their pain points.

Paint points are where it hurts, for example for selling the mop vacuum:

  • Takes too long to clean
  • Hates cleaning

Find out what they don’t like about the current situation, and offer them a solution.

You can also write down common rebuttals someone might give you, and have your responses prepared in advance.

You’ll also want to make sure you know your product inside-out. If they ask you where your company is headquartered, you want to know the answer!

Any information about the company such as their phone number, headquarters, etc. you’ll want to have written down.

Some potential customers will ask you these questions to make sure you’re who you say you are.

7- Listen More Than Speaking

Whether you’re selling a mop-vacuum, other product, or services, you’ll want to keep your potential customer engaged.

Ensure that you’re listening more than you’re talking. Also, when they’re speaking, listen intently, don’t rush them, or make uh-huh sounds like you’re in a rush.

8- Networkers

Your job doesn’t end when you clock out for the day. You should be going out to different events, and networking with others. You never know who you’ll meet, or who they know.

If you’re providing graphic design services and you go to a local networking event, you might find a business that is in need of a graphic designer.

Don’t look at it as an extra expense, look at it as an opportunity to branch out and expand your reach.

9- Research Latest Technologies

If you’re a technophobe, it’s going to be harder to do sales successfully. There are different sales platforms you’ll want to be comfortable using.

You’ll need to be able to move easily while using different technological platforms.

10- Juggling Multiple Tasks

Sales isn’t just about making phone calls or emails all day, it’s about video chatting, sending emails, calling, and setting up meetings.

Make sure you’re staying organized while juggling these tasks.

Have reminders about different meetings and phone calls you need to make. Reminders about emails you need to send.

Depending on the CRM (customer relationship management) you use, you can have the ability to create tasks right in the system.

11- Use Their Time Wisely

A good salesperson will be able to separate their day into segments and make use of every hour and minute. They make time work for them, instead of against them.

The Bottom Line

Now that you’ve explored what makes a good salesperson, you should have a better idea what you need to do and where to get started!

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