What Mompreneurs Should Outsource and What Not

Outsourcing is one of the best ways to increase organizational productivity and enhance the efficiency of the startup team. But, it’s not always recommended to outsource just everything, because it totally depends upon the organizational structure, available funds and the business goals.

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Well, in case of a mompreneur, things can be little different, because you are solely responsible for taking your business to the next level, and you must outsource the non productive tasks, so you can focus on the productive and revenue generating activities.

Lately we discussed some success stories of Mompreneurs who increased efficiency with outsourcing, but what to outsource and what not is still a question for most of you. So this article will discuss how to find what a mompreneur should outsource.

1- List all the operations in your business; it’s important to make a list, because forgetfulness is one common problem with all mompreneurs.

2- Put the tasks in order; you can arrange them on the basis of importance, urgency, level of understanding, confidentiality or whatever else, based on your business model. You may find these productivity hacks for entrepreneurs a useful read in this context.


3- Identify what you have to do yourself; I can understand that you can do most of the stuff from your list, but you should understand that with a baby in hands you cannot do them all. Now, find the tasks that cannot be done by anyone else. Those are the only tasks that you should do.

4- Outsource the rest; it’s simple.

5- Beware; outsourcing needs proper followup and a thorough review, so keep space for review and followup in your schedule.

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Try it out and I am sure, you are working on increasing productivity in limited time and other resources.