What Mompreneurs Should Outsource and What Not

Lately we discussed some success stories of Mompreneurs who increased efficiency with outsourcing, but what to outsource and what not is still a question for most of you. So this article will discuss how to find what a mompreneur should outsource.

1- List all the operations in your business; it’s important to make a list, because forgetfulness is one common problem with all mompreneurs.

2- Put the tasks in order; you can arrange them on the basis of importance, urgency, level of understanding, confidentiality or whatever else, based on your business model.


3- Identify what you have to do yourself; I can understand that you can do most of the stuff from your list, but you should understand that with a baby in hands you cannot do them all. Now, find the tasks that cannot be done by anyone else. Those are the only tasks that you should do.

4- Outsource the rest; it’s simple.

5- Beware; outsourcing needs proper followup and a thorough review, so keep space for review and followup in your schedule.

Try it out and I am sure, you are working on increasing productivity in limited time and other resources.

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