What Not to Import from China

We discussed a brief about what to import from China, but the range of importable items from China is as big as China itself. Even within the selected categories at times there’s some stuff that sounds like highly profitable when selling, but you don’t have to import just everything.


 Here in this article, we will figure out what items must be imported from China and what not. Let’s start;

 1- You won’t be able to sell what you buy; we buy electronics, food, and other essentials items from local shops where we have trust of year. We cannot sell them, because such items already have a tight competition and entering into a market with huge competition is surely not a wise idea for small business.

2- Importing heavy weight items from China is surely a foolish idea; Furniture, heavy weight decoration items and technical equipment, etc will cost you huge shipping cost at first and selling it on a competitive price will be a big headache too. Anything that goes beyond 1kg/piece should ideally not be imported from China.

3. Seasonal stuff is a big no; what will you do with the stuff you bought for Christmas once it’s over. Waiting for next year will be a biggest mistake. Items with consistent demand throughout the year are the best products.

4. A big NO for Replica’s; It’s simple, brand conscious people do not need them and brand unconscious don’t care.

5. Fragile items; certainly not a good idea unless the insurance covers it.

6. Liquids; depending upon your country laws and the shipping method you may choose this category.

Other than the list above may also explore the profitable niches in your country and the available products that can be imported from China. But before making the choice do consider what will you do with the stuff if cannot be sold on the set margin!

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