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What Should Entrepreneurs Tweet? Engaging Tweet Ideas for Business Owners!

Twitter may not be a direct selling point for you if you are a B2B entrepreneur, and at times a B2C brand may also not use Twitter as a direct sales tool. But it’s not just the sales that determines the business growth. In fact you cannot ignore the exposure, brand awareness and word of mouth marketing that you can get through Twitter (Do check this article; it better explains how to use Twitter for B2B marketing).

The huge exposure that is possible through Twitter is not specifically gained for a brand, but for the mind behind it too, i.e. the founder, CEO, the business owner etc. The more exposure an entrepreneur has, the wider outreach his business ideas will get and ultimately, the brand will gain more traction than its competitors. You might have noticed that influencing entrepreneurs are the ones behind fast startup growth. So, if you have not devised a Twitter marketing strategy for your personal branding yet, do it on a priority.

In the above context, just optimizing your Twitter profile will not do enough. You need to be consistent in tweeting in order to stay in touch with current and to be followers. Industry leaders and influencers when tweet something, it goes viral and that actually brings them more business.

So, let’s get to know what and how an entrepreneur should tweet!

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1- Becoming  thought leader: stay tuned to the latest news and happenings in your industry and tweet the link with a short comment (your very own thought) on it. You must also follow top Twitter influencers, in order to keep an eye on what they are sharing and how people are reacting to their tweets.

2- Tweet short; that makes it easy to travel. Though, the character limit of Twitter itself doesn’t allow long stories, keeping things further short is great!

3- Read a lot and use multiple sources/channels; it will let you have more content and thoughts to share. You may even use LinkedIn groups for content ideas.

4- Do not forget humor; it keeps your followers entertained. But, make sure your humor is not offensive!

5- Be visual; share images in your tweets. If you are sharing a quote or a famous saying, a text printed on a relevant image create more impact than sharing the simple text. You may be surprised to know that less text and more images increase conversions.

6- Be real; Your followers like it if you’re having their favorite ice cream or you have been to a place that they also know.

7- Be knowledgeable; you must have expert level command and knowledge of what your personal brand or business offers and sharing it is the best practice.

8- Retweet valuable content; whenever you find a tweet that is worth sharing, do not hesitate to retweet it.

9- Reply to the industry influencers’ tweets and get noticed!

While working on new ideas to tweet, and sharing wonderful news, humor, ideas, tips and tricks, do not forget to be responsive to people’s queries. Keep an eye on what people ask you and reply to them in public. This will also let you find more options for tweet content.

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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