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What Style of Office Furniture is Best for Your Small Business?

When you’re a small business owner or an entrepreneur working from the relatively small space of your home, the choice of the right office furniture can be a crucial series of decisions for you to make.

Since, there are too many office furniture supplies who offer a variety of beautiful furniture, the choice can be overwhelming at times. But, keeping the followings tips and considerations in mind while you plan to buy office furniture can help you make better decisions.

Buying Furniture Based on Office Type

1- Determine Your Budget

No matter what furniture you decide to purchase for your small business office, you’ll need to always keep track of your budget. While a solid wood executive desk or an office chair with a luxurious skin would look great in your vision of your space, you have to decide if a significant portion of your budget should go to these luxury items.

It’s a good idea to check furniture delivery order details such as charges for distances that the movers have to travel to get your furniture where you’d like it to be.

2- Measure Your Office Dimensions

The next step after figuring out your office budget is getting accurate measurements of your office, especially of your door opening. There are free online sites that allow you to pick out your room’s size and move furniture items that you’d like to purchase such as chairs, lamps and desks.

These sites will also allow you to place windows and doors in your digital room to get a better idea of how your future small office will look once everything is in place.

3- Determining the Right Office Furniture

You should note what your daily office tasks will be and look for furniture that will accommodate you needs. If you want to place your printer on one of the shelves of your bookcase, then you should ensure that the bookcase can be positioned near an electrical outlet.

You will need a desk with wider table space if you plan to lay out your spreadsheets and business plans out on it in addition to your laptop.

You can always find a good deal of quality furniture from businesses that are either closing or relocating and having office clearance.

4- Reception Area Furnishing

There are a variety of options for furnishing your small office’s waiting room or reception room. The reception room could be furnished with reception chairs or sofas and complemented with waiting tables. An HDTV that your reception guests can watch could sit atop a TV stand, storage cabinet or credenza that matches with the rest of your reception furniture.

Pros & Cons of Workplace Types for Furniture

1- Mobile Workspaces:

Depending on your kind of business, you may only really need mobile devices like cell phones and tablets to run your main operations. In that case, you may only need to lease an office for occasional meetings, i..e. shared offices that offer conference room chairs and tables as well. The con of this is that employees may feel disconnected and the organizational structure may not promote collaboration.

2- Private Offices:

Your business may require a more traditional setup if the work you and your employees do requires privacy or involves confidential data. On the downside, this style can increase feelings of isolation among your employees, and it can be more expensive than other office styles as private offices tend to cover larger spaces than other styles.

3- Open Offices:

This trending option accommodates more teamwork and communication while making a more efficient use of otherwise expensive office space. Negatives of open offices are that they offer no sense of privacy and noise spreads from one area to other areas of the office more easily.


This well-known office setup offers a compromise between open offices and private offices. It offers a combination of a moderate amount of privacy while providing opportunities for your employees to work together without having to leave their workspaces in many cases. Cubicles have a well-known downside of making employees feel like they’re locked into a small box.

Best Places to Buy Office Furniture from:

  • IKEA: Provides you with interior design options for maximizing your office’s functionality.
  • Offers a variety of office furniture online that can accommodate any budget.
  • Similarly has many inexpensive office furniture options.
  • Local Stores: Affordable, allows you to see items in person, and they can have hard-to-find pieces. For example, Ekornes furniture is notoriously difficult to shop for, but one of the best places to find Stressless recliners is at European Leather Gallery. Sometimes the little guy just does it better. 

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