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What To Do After Being Involved in a Drunk Driving Accident

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), one person dies in the United States every 52 minutes as a result of drunk driving. That’s 28 people a day. Survivors of such accidents are left with severe injuries; some may take time to heal while other damages are irreparable.

Meanwhile, the State of Arizona Highway Safety Annual Report recently presented that the leading cause of fatal road accidents in Arizona is alcohol and drug-related crashes. According to their statistics, 28 percent of traffic-related deaths involved at least one intoxicated driver whose blood alcohol concentration is beyond legal for driving. The state is doing its best to protect its drivers, yet it still struggles to make driving arrests.

You may be clueless about where to begin when you have been entangled in a drunk-driving accident. You will be burdened by medical bills, lost earnings, and emotional and physical suffering. A Drunk Driver Attorney in Phoenix can help sort out some things for you to lessen your stress. Nonetheless, if you ever get involved in a crash and you suspect that the liable party is under the influence of alcohol, here are the things that you should do immediately:

Call 911

If you are still conscious after the crash, call 911 for police and emergency services at once. These authorities can create an accident report and secure your safety.

Document evidence

If you can still move and move, try to take photos and video evidence at the scene of the crash. If there are any bystanders, see to it that you get their contact information as well. Their testimonies will be handy in court.

See a medical professional

If your injuries are minor and need no rushing to the hospital, you should still see a doctor within 72 hours after the crash. A medical certificate from a licensed physician will document your injuries and establish that they were brought about by an accident. You will need this for insurance and other claims.

Don’t say too much

Insurance companies might approach you hours or days after the crash. If they ask you for any details regarding the accident, do not talk too much. Make sure that you have spoken to a car accident attorney to get legal advice. Insurance companies will try to use anything you say to minimize or deny your claim so they would compensate you less or not at all.

Contact an attorney

Your recovery should be your priority after the accident. Thus, it is wise to contact a legal professional who can deal with insurance companies, collect evidence for the investigation, and help you pursue the compensation that you deserve.

No one would ever dream of getting into a car accident. It is stressful and might even lead to instant death. But no matter how careful you are in driving on the road, there are things that you cannot control like some irresponsible drivers who still hold the wheel despite being intoxicated. The best that you can do is to always prepare for the worst while hoping for a safe drive.

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