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What Type of Content Should be Published on Startup Company Blog?

Proper Marketing is the first priority whenever a startup is launched and how it is done either makes or breaks the company. Blogging is one of the most cheapest and friendly way to reach out to a huge customer base. According to HubSpot, Blogging champions as the #1 method for increasing traffic, with SEO in second place.

The question of the day is that what should actually be published on blogs to increase the traffic in a genuine way. Blogging can be a tricky job when you have to portray your product to attract the maximum.  There are numerous techniques out there which may bring you greater amount of impotent customers for a short period of time rather than a potential long-lasting clientele.

content type for startup company blog

Only a well-planned scheme will help you attract quality customer and quantity as well in the long run .We have brought some basic techniques which can be followed to generate a maximum and genuine traffic despite of the fact that every business runs on a different plan. Along with it are some handy tips which are equally beneficial.


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1- How-to-do guides:

In these How-to posts you provide your readers an opportunity to accomplish something through the step-by-step guidance.  These are actually very helpful and prove to appeal many interested users. You can publish such posts keeping in mind what your product actually promotes. For example If your product provides a platform to edit the pictures then you can post a “How to make an appealing infographic in few minutes” which may use you product. Not necessary that every how-to post has to involve the use of your product. You can also publish the videos if one of your customer used your product innovatively. These post actually encourage the readers to try something in simplified steps which they thought was difficult at the first place. If successful they will keeping for more.


2- Growth Timeline:

If the pace of your development is something you are proud of you should really think of putting up a timeline of your company. This will impress your customers, how from just an idea you build up something admirable.  You can add your goals as well and display how you achieved them before the assigned time. This will inspire your readers and surely portrays your determination towards your startup.


3- Appreciate a Valued Customer:

Undoubtedly customers are the greatest asset to your business. Appreciation plays a vital role in nurturing your relationships with your customers. Publish something regular about one of your valued customer and their genuine views about your product. These very customers actually promote your product further bringing you more views and readers. You can also set up competition about who uses the product in most innovative way. The more you will value your customers the more they will appreciate your company.

content type for startup company blog 1

4- Answer to Questions and Queries:

 This is one of the easiest type of content that can be generated. You can answer your own questions or frequently asked questions and queries by your customers in a post. These kind of post fall in “What is ____?” category which just require some research to come up with content rather than some intellectual original content. Moreover this also conveys to your readers that you regularly check their questions and comments and try to answer them as soon as possible for you.

An additional benefit here, comes in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Many people Google the same type of questions, this will help your blog reach higher in the ranks.


5- Predict the future trends:

This type of post can be tricky in regard of content but this will also help you shine. Post you honest thoughts and opinions regarding the forthcoming trends. This may also help you mold the views of people and resonate with yours.  Your users will view you as a far-sighted and well aware person who can also set the trends. Once in a while this kind of post will help in uplifting the traffic to your blog.


6- Offer free things:

 Everybody loves free things! Put fort some free tools or tempting services showing your ability as a company to offer a little something extra to your customers. This will attract many interested and potential customers.

content type for startup company blog 3

7- How you manage your team:

 This can be a very beneficial post in presenting a transparent image on media. If you are at that stage of development where various kind of people work for the company, posting about how they are managed and how goals are accomplished is a very good move in building up the image of the company. This will also attract users who wish to learn new ways of managing their employees.

content type for startup company blog 2

Mentioned above were ideas which can be opted to generate a content that will bring you customers that may be with you in the long run. But while generating and managing your blog some key points should always be considered to stand out:

  • Post regularly so that readers always have something new every time they view your blog.
  • If a strategy has little chance of succeeding than don’t waste your resources in making it work.
  • Experiment with new strategies and don’t be afraid in this.
  • Be transparent about your aims and achievements.
  • Never settle and try to go out of the way to improve and achieve.
  • Mention other companies in your good books to act as reference point for others, this will help you gaining mentions by others.
  • Be authentic when it comes to generating content and be yourself.
  • Avoid the salesy approach and genuinely provide solutions to the problems of the customers, this is highly appreciated by the costumers and helps gain trust.
  • Try to reach out to both the customers and influencers who interact with your potential customers.
  • Clearly identify your audience and view your content from their perspective.
  • Try to get your content republished on top sites, this gains you credibility.
  • Every now and then guest post on other blogs, will help you build relationships with other companies.
  • Avoid spamming the inbox of people with your mails, cold calls to investors and expensive advertisement that may bring impotent customers.


Happy Blogging !

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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