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What You Need for Processing Truck Accident Claims

Loaded trucks are one of the common vehicles that get involved in road accidents. There is little wonder to that since these automobiles are huge and heavy, making them more difficult to drive than a regular car. Thus, it is important to know the details of processing an accident claim should you ever get involved in a truck accident.

Different states in America may have various proceedings for this type of claim, but the following are the initial steps in truck accident claims process in Arizona.

If you were injured in a truck accident, you could ask for settlement by filing an accident claim with the truck driver’s or their employer’s insurance company. You may start by giving a demand letter to the responsible party, summarizing your losses and requesting full and fair compensation. However, acquiring repayment is not as easy as requesting for it. You might deal with an insurance company’s adjuster and possibly its legal team whose job is to protect their company’s funds.

They can either deny your accident claim or make a payout that is lower than demanded. On your part, having a professional truck accident lawyer can make a solid claim using compelling evidence that contends for the compensation you are owed. If you settle too soon without legal assistance, you could get less money than you are supposed to.

Though collecting information to support your accident claim is essential, doing so is just as challenging. There are lots of documents that you need, and you might not get your hands on them quite easily without subpoena or police warrant. Moreover, most of these evidence that will prove a strong claim are kept by the trucking company. The proof that you might be required to present can be difficult to access without the skills of an expert truck accident lawyer.

The following are some examples of documents that are vital and likely to be readily available in making a strong accident claim:

Police reports

Probably the most accessible paper in the list, police reports are easy to be   requested if the matter does not concern national security. They are also free from threat of getting altered by the liable party.

Photographs, videos, or dashcam footage from the accident scene

Extra eyes on the road are handy in capturing the real culprits in an accident. Nobody can deny what the cameras saw and recorded. Just keep extra copies of photos and footages in case the original ones are deleted or tampered.

Eyewitness testimony

Bystanders and onlookers are helpful in recalling the details of an accident. They are also less likely to falsely testify if an interview is done immediately, before they are bribed by the other party involved in the accident.

Your medical records

Including hospital and other medical bills, these documents will establish   the accident claim in terms of health damage. This is a priority in calculating your reimbursement.

There are more piles of files that you might need to prepare in processing you truck accident claim, but let a good truck accident lawyer help you out and lessen your stress.

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