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When Do I Need a Mobile App for My Business?

With the growing use of mobile internet, customers are looking for easier and faster ways to get connected to the business while on the go. So, a mobile app seems to be an integral part of any decent business, regardless of the services that it offers. This is the smart way to keep the clients engaged and active. On the other hand, a mobile app could be a generator of new customers as well.

With so many benefits of keeping customers engaged and attracting more prospects towards the business, Mobile Apps are being a popular trend not just among the retail shops, but also in the services sector. A mobile app is now not just limited to keep your customers updated about new offers, rather brands are seriously integrating gamification into the mobile apps to understand the consumer behavior better.

More and more big and small businesses are convincing their users to install their apps and get rewarded. A good reason for so much popularity of the mobile apps is the fact that there are more mobile internet users than that of desktop users, and the future of ecommerce is actually mobile commerce.

Well, the quick fact may demand you to must have a mobile app, but wait! It’s going to be a big investment and you must make sure whether you actually need it or not!


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Take a look below at some aspects that you need to consider before putting your money in such an app.

Things to Consider Before Developing a Mobile App for Your Business

Target audience –

You need to know if the people who are your potential customers use their smartphone regularly. Besides this, try to identify which is their favorite mobile operator or mobile OS. If most of your users use iOs, they developing an Android app should not be necessary or if there is a small segment you may put the Andriod for the later stage.

Budget –

Unfortunately, developing an app is quite costly. It can range between $3000 and $5000 for a basic app. In case you feel that this cost exceeds your capacity, a cheaper solution is to advertise your business on other mobile websites and apps. There are some free and low cost ways to create a mobile app, but you should be ready to spend enough time in doing so.

For instance:

OJOO; the Easiest Way to Transform Content into Interactive Mobile Applications

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App content –

Apps need a constant update so that they are attractive to the clients. Failing to do this, means that the client will go somewhere else. So, you should have a dedicated content plan for your app to.

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Does My Business Need an App or There Are Other Options Too?

In case you are comfortable with all the points mentioned above, maybe it is a good idea to develop a mobile app for your business. You have to be certain that the app has the potential to be successful and to draw in a lot of clients.

On the other hand, must make sure to have a responsive business website, i.e. the one which is easily and equally available with good interface to the desktop and mobile/tablet users. In many cases, a responsive website design can be a cheaper and most effective alternative to the mobile app.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.