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When Is the Right Time to Invest in a Golf Cart?

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If you are thinking of taking up sports golf, then now is a great time. Golf is a great way to get outside and get active while maintaining social distancing.

Golf comes with a lot of costs such as memberships or green fees, clubs, shoes and clothing, and golf carts.

Not everyone needs all of these things and the policies vary from club to club, a golf cart is definitely not a necessity. So you may be wondering, at what point should I be thinking about investing in a golf cart?

Are You Serious About Playing Golf?

You definitely don’t need to be great at golf to deserve getting your own golf cart. You should, however, consider whether you are likely to continue playing golf. Some questions to first ask yourself are: How much golf have you played? How often do you play golf?

How long do you expect to play golf in the future? If you think that you will continue to play golf regularly and consistently in the future, then it’s likely that it is going to be worth it for you to invest in a golf cart. 

For those who struggle with walking, have a disability or an injury that prevents you from playing most sports, but can stand for short periods and swing a golf club, then investing in a golf cart is definitely a great idea for you.

A golf cart can allow you to get outside and play golf more frequently and lengthen your golf playing career, improving your physical and mental health.

Types Of Carts

There are various types of golf carts such as electric carts, gas carts, diesel carts, and even remote-controlled carts. You may want to start small or continue walking for the exercise and go for a golf push cart or pull cart.

Diesel and gas carts can be noisy and obviously contribute to greenhouse gases but they are good if your local course has a lot of hills and long distances. The electric cart is the best option as it is eco-friendly (And saves you money on gas and diesel), quiet, and requires little maintenance. 

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How Much Do Golf Carts Cost?

Depending on where you live, the cost of a golf cart is going to vary. If you are on a budget or want to start slow, a used golf cart is a great option. You can get a decent used golf cart from around $1000. For a solid new cart, they start at around $4000 and can get as high as $15000.

The prices of golf carts are going to vary between the different types (gas, electric, diesel) and the different models. You should definitely shop around before you make the purchase and consider starting off with a used golf cart.

Are You Considering  Buying A Used Golf Cart?

There are a few important considerations and questions to ask when considering buying a used golf cart. You want to know where it originates from, whether this is from a certified and reputable dealer, and how old the cart is.

The condition of the cart is obviously important, but you also want to find out about it’s past and the reasons for selling.

Carts that look great but have crashed into ponds may not have a very long life span. Another thing to consider is, how much does a new version of the same cart cost in your location?

This can help you gauge if you are getting a good deal or not. Before you part with your money, be sure to read up on the golf cart laws in your area, you don’t want to buy the golf cart and not be able to use it. This can be another reason why someone may be selling their cart.

Cover your bases by shopping around and having some questions prepared to gather information about the quality and longevity of the golf cart.


Golf is a great form of exercising and spending time outdoors. Having a golf cart may be a game-changer for you if you struggle with walking or standing for a long period. For those serious about playing golf well into the future, investing in a golf cart is definitely worth it.

When you aren’t quite sure, it’s worth starting out with other types of carts, like push or pulls carts or a used golf cart. Should you choose the used golf cart option, remember to shop around and gather information about the golf cart before making the purchase.

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