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A Business Guide on Where to Buy Stamps

Knowing where to buy stamps is necessary if you’re into post stamp business and philately or collecting stamps. Or if you’re merely looking for one for the emails you’re about to send.

Either way, understanding the post-stamp sources narrow down your choices where you’ll buy this stuff. That way, you’ll save time, money, and effort.

Here’s an article about the usual places where to get stamps for that purpose. Keep reading to know what each option could provide you and which suits you best.

1. Post Office

This option is already given and could be the easiest to go if you’re a local. In many cases, you can buy stamps here on weekdays. You may also find various stamps, ideal for your stamp collecting hobby.

You may also purchase books of stamps here if you plan to stash some for future uses. In addition, you could buy books of stamps here if you’re looking for a way to cut costs for the postage expenses in your business.

Post offices typically offer a vast collection of stamps, including the following:

One-Ounce Forever Stamp

These are used in first-class mails

Additional Ounce

These are added per extra ounce of mail

Presorted Stamps

These are for customers with Business Mail Entry and Mailing Permit

Postcard Stamps

These are valid depending on their printed rate

Priority Mail Stamps

These have different values, ranging from 1 cent to 3 cents, and are applied when you’re in a rush.

The downside of post offices is that their queues could get too long in peak hours. The alternative is to access stamps through their vending machines. However, this platform may only offer regular types and not special stamps.

On the other hand, post offices may provide more than you need as they also offer additional services, such as passport processing and money order.

2. Grocery Stores

Another go-to option for you is the different grocery stores in your area. These establishments are widely accessible and could instantly sell you the stamps you need, like post offices. Grocery stores may be an excellent choice for you if you regularly do grocery runs.

In many cases, you’ll just find the stamp near the counter together with typically bought items. However, you may only find limited stamp products, such as one-ounce forever stamps. This means that if you’re looking for collectibles and other options, you should opt for other sources.

3. Post Stamp Kiosks

If you’re searching for a quick post-stamp provider, you could go to a self-service kiosk where you could avail various stamps. Aside from post offices, you may also find stalls in designated places, such as malls and other postal service facilities.

However, kiosks may have a limited supply of stamps and may not provide the special types if they’re generally frequented in many cases.

4. Online Sources

Many factors pushed many of you to the confines of your home. Because of this, many resorted to online options in their search for stamps. Below are some of the common platforms where you could purchase these mailing essentials:


The post office’s official website can provide various stamps, from ‘Forever’ types to themed options, including moon landing and American outdoors. Apart from the many options, the website displays an easy-to-navigate interface helpful enough to customers who select their stamps.

Apart from the stamps, USPS.com also provides some tools in tracking deliveries, location postal services facilities, and post office locators. The website also identifies the number of locations of kiosks in an area.

Online Retailers

Aside from USPS.com, you could also order and pay for your stamps in online retailers, such as Amazon and eBay. You may need to buy stamps in bulk in these options as the products are generally offered in large quantities. Yet, you could find rare finds in the platforms because they’re home to old and new stamps, which you could use immediately or keep for your hobby.

5. Banks

Some banks offer postal stamps, especially since some of their transaction may need these items. However, you may need to go to the bank early during high operation seasons because they may also have long queues. In addition, many of the stamps sold in this option may also just be the regular ones, like the Forever stamps.

6. Office Supplies Stores

Today, many office supply stores sell different types of stamps. So, if you happen to pass by an office supply store, you could buy some stamps for your needs. This may also be perfect if you’re looking for stationery to write on for your traditional mail.7.

7. Gas Stations

If you’re traveling and happen to need some stamps, you could stop by the next gas station and buy some. While not all of these establishments offer these mailing needs, most of them could be good sources of ‘Forever’ stamps.

What’s good about gas stations is that they’re generally open all the time and for the entire week. Yet, you may not be able to buy a lot of books of stamps here as they’re typically offered in retail.

8. Post Stamp Communities

You also have the option to source out old stamps from post-stamp or philately communities online. Yet, before you pay for one, you may need to check the product’s authenticity and the seller’s legitimacy.

You may also need to know how to find a stamp’s value before paying for them. However, if you’re looking for an instant way to procure a stamp, this couldn’t be a good option because it may take more time.

Wrapping Up

Stamps have been a staple in mailing a letter or documents. It’s generally the final seal before a parcel or letter is officially sent to where it should be. In many cases, you need to know where to buy stamps in your locality if you’re venturing into a mailing-related business.

You could go to your physical post office or try its alternatives. In choosing where to buy, you may need to know how quickly will you receive your stamp right after you finalize an order. If it’s online, it may take way longer than physical stores where you could have the product immediately.

You may join mailing and stamp-related communities or groups for better and more ideas. Knowing these things will help you save money, time, and effort.


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