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Entrepreneur’s Guide To Wholesale E-Commerce

If you want to establish an online shop, you naturally need some products to sell. These days, there are many channels from which sellers could source their products.

Entrepreneur’s Guide To Wholesale E-Commerce

More often than not, these items could be purchased from a wholesale distributor. Because of this, wholesale e-commerce is increasing in popularity in recent years, with more conventional B2B companies providing products and services to prospective sellers.

With that in mind, there are many methods for obtaining the products you want to sell online. Perhaps you manufacture them yourself or partner with a local craftsman to offer their products through your online shop.

Furthermore, most online merchants sell items they didn’t create since the majority of goods available for purchase online are oftentimes manufactured.

As such, you could purchase these products through bulk orders or wholesale orders and sell them directly via your e-commerce shop. But before sourcing products you want to sell, you should know what wholesale e-commerce is.

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What Is Wholesale E-Commerce?

Wholesale e-commerce follows the business-to-business (B2B) model—that is, you offer your goods in bulk at a discounted price to other companies instead of individually selling them to consumers.

Simply put, wholesale e-commerce sells products to other companies online, which makes the wholesaler the intermediary in the supply chain.

You’re essentially the middleman between the producer and the distributor or retailer in the supply chain, just like an online arbitrage.

The wholesaler keeps their goods in a warehouse and then sends them through a distribution center to merchants. But most importantly, why should you follow this model?

Benefits of Wholesale E-Commerce

The most significant benefit of wholesale e-commerce is that it reduces overhead costs. You benefit from larger orders and spend less in marketing by selling goods in bulk, which usually translates to more money per unit.

Another benefit is that once your e-commerce website is up and running, you could reach everyone worldwide. The old wholesale model required distributors to be physically close to the manufacturer.

Still, with the advent of technologies that aid e-commerce, connections could now be managed entirely online. While entering wholesale may seem nonprofitable at first sight, offering your online business to wholesale clients provides these benefits:

  • A surge in new consumers
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Additional revenue consistently
  • Exploration of new markets
  • Simple advertising at a cheap cost and with little effort

How to Effectively Build a Wholesale E-Commerce Website?

 As e-commerce continues to grow, you need to stay on top of your competition. That said, here are some effective ways on how you could build a wholesale e-commerce website:

1. Create Your Projects’ Requirements

Before developing your wholesale e-commerce website, it’s critical to distinguish between what you want and need for your business.

You need to conduct a thorough competition analysis to enable you to get a better knowledge of your rivals and their objectives. After which, you can then make more informed choices about your future marketing plan.

Down the line, you obviously need to choose the goods you want to sell. Which items should you offer first on your website?

How are you going to increase your product line? You could also begin with high-margin interests. Most importantly, determine the payment methods you’ll use. Make it simple to create a site that supports various payment options.

2. Create an Excellent Pricing Plan

A sound pricing plan is a critical component of building a successful wholesale e-commerce business. It’s well-known that companies that sell directly to consumers online retain their profit margins, which are often more than 50%.

To build a thriving wholesale business, you should be able to provide a significant discount on your product’s retail price to consumers willing to buy your goods wholesale.

If you sell both retail and wholesale, you’ll also need to distinguish your wholesale and retail prices. This is because your customers are unlikely to accept your retail pricing strategy.

3. Optimize Your Platform for Content Marketing

Whether you recognize it or not, your ranking on search engines contributes to more leads to your website. As such, you’ll need to design a search-engine-friendly e-commerce platform.

Customers will be much more likely to buy from you if you offer them more product information than your rivals.

Therefore, your online catalog should include all the products’ information so your customers could complete a transaction without contacting your personnel to ask about the product.

Each item in your catalog should include the basic product information:

  • Price
  • Description
  • Available stock
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Color
  • Other specifications

Additionally, you may want to include other materials that would help in the purchasing process, such as installation or assembly instructions, user manuals, warranties, FAQs, and proper storage, among others.

Remember, B2B customers won’t visit a product page and immediately check out their cart.

Before committing to a supplier, they must consider logistics, have a few board meetings, and consider storage options.

Therefore, you should design your e-commerce website in a way that your customers would immediately find all the information they’ll need on the products they’re looking at.

In the end, the more information you offer, the quicker your customers could come to a decision and the more products you’ll sell.


 What counts in B2B and wholesale e-commerce isn’t so much a constant emphasis on pricing as it is on service. Some even consider B2B a mainly one-on-one service through sales representatives until your clients feel secure.

Bear in mind that wholesale e-commerce isn’t a passing craze. In this age of online shopping, a new generation of wholesale companies is booming, changing the idea of wholesale.

Now is the time for you to join the pioneers and enjoy what wholesale e-commerce could offer you. Start by implementing the strategies discussed here to boost your wholesale e-commerce business now.


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