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Why 2022 Is the Right Time to Invest in Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies turned out to be one of the most popular things in the past year. You might have noticed that almost everyone around you has some kind of idea. Nobody might completely understand it but that does not stop anyone from talking about it. And then there are those bigger than life stories of how paupers turned into princes after the cryptocurrency rush.
In fact this cryptocurrency race is the gold rush of the 21st century! It has baffled many people. Many people speak of how good it is to invest in the new trend. But at the same time there are people who are speaking against it.

I believe that now is a great time to invest in cryptocurrency. Let me give you my reasons and you can decide for yourself, whether you want in or wish to stay out of it all.

1- The Cryptocurrency Markets Are Still Growing

The cryptocurrency market is still a toddler. It has not even had the time to age. There has just been so much speculation about it that it has been really hard to see it for what it is.

Currently there are over 1300 types of cryptos and the numbers are just increasing every day. They represent a treasure trove of options to choose from for investment options.

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At the end of 2017, the market cap of bitcoin was about $284 billion, which is a phenomenal number for something so young. Every day there are many more people coming on to the crypto platform, so it quit guaranteed that the value of cryptocurrencies is going to rise.

2- It Has A Very High Return on Investment

Let us take a look at some simple statistics of 2017.

The US stock market provides a return of about 20%. The BSE Sensex give almost 28%. In fact, the best performing stock market the Zimbabwe stock market has a return of 118%.

And in the corner of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has a return of 1390% and Ethereum has a 8981% return. And the best performing crypto, Ripple has a return of 28963%.

All of this simply shows how the returns from the cryptocurrency market dwarves any other investment option that you have in front of you. You can check the data from any reputed site and you will realize that the numbers don’t lie. There is indeed a new investment option in town which is much better than any that you have ever seen.

3- It Is Slowly Being Accepted by The Major Financial Organizations

Now a lot of people have been butting horns against the cryptocurrencies because of its validity. Many people are unsure about how it will fare in front of the governments and the financial agencies.

But the good news is just around the corner. The Philippians SEC has agreed to accept the cryptocurrency and plan to regulate it. Many other countries are in talks of how to regulate this investment option. There is a lot of positive news that has come as a major boost to the cryptocurrency investors and traders.

4- It Is About Making Smart Investment Decisions

Cryptocurrency is a great investment choice. But it does not mean that you can go in unprepared and make free money. That would amount to pure gambling. Yes, the cryptocurrency market is very speculative and has been quite volatile recently, but that is true for even the stock markets.

You can never know when the stocks are going to come crashing down! Similarly, it is with cryptocurrencies. You need to be smart in handling your money and investing wisely.

You should never put all your money in one basket. Remember to spread your wealth wisely over the different options. Don’t go all in, right in the start. Understand all the risks before investing.  About 1-5% of your asset is a great investment to start for you in the crypto market.

Make smart decisions that are feasible for you over the long run rather than acting impulsively and regretting later.

There are various sources online that will help you in understanding Bitcoins and other kinds of cryptocurrencies.

5- Nobody Has Seen the Future

The future is completely unknown. Nobody has a definite idea for what lies ahead in the cryptocurrency market. And this is true for all the financial assets out there.

You can never be completely sure of what lies ahead. But to be honest the future should not scare you so much that you stop exploring. With smart decisions, cryptocurrencies can make your future quite bright.

Nobody can force you to invest in the cryptocurrency market, but it definitely is a lucrative option right at your fingertips. All it needs are a few clicks and you can start right away.

The Bottom Line

The cryptocurrency market has a lot of untapped potentials that is calling you to invest in. Just by making some smart investment decisions you too can write a new story for yourself.

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