Why Applying for UK Work Visa with a Lawyer is Beneficial

The issue of living, working and doing business in the UK has become something of a hot topic recently, following Britain’s withdrawal from the EU and the introduction of a new points-based system for aspiring immigrants from across the globe.

This means that everyone who wants to relocate to the UK will now have to meet a predetermined range of criteria pertaining to their occupation and earnings, whether they’re travelling from the single bloc or a location elsewhere in the world.

But what are the challenges associating with securing a visa and working legally in the UK as an foreign-born citizen, and why should you consider working alongside a skilled team of immigration lawyers?

What Types of Visas are Available in the UK, and Why is This a Challenge?

With all immigrants now having to conform to the intricacies of the UK’s new points-based system, the myriad of available visas in Britain will come under even greater scrutiny.

This also highlights one of the main challenges facing immigrants into the UK, as it can be hard to identify the right visa type for your specific circumstances.

Many of these routes come under the category of ‘UK Work Visas’, which cover the vast majority of those who enter the country with a view to taking up employment, setting up a business or investing in an existing entity.

The full list of options cover Tier 1 and Tier 2 visas, while ranging from general and entrepreneurial documents to those reserved for applicants who are graduate or boast an exceptional talent.

The latter, Tier 1 visa can be particularly complex, also in simple terms it applies to individuals who are internally recognised as world leaders in a particular field.

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The Popular Ones

General and entrepreneurial visas are the most sweeping and widely applied for in the UK, while investor visas have also become increasingly popular over the course of the last decade (despite a recent decline in capital inflows from overseas).

Why (and How) You Should Leverage Immigration Lawyers to Your Advantage

While some of these visas may be self-explanatory, others are decidedly more complex and relatively vague in their description.

This can make it hard to comfortably select the right one for you and understand the full range of options at your disposal, and immigration can be worth their weight in gold in this respect.

At the same time, skilled and seasoned lawyers who specialise in the field of immigration can help you to fill out the requisite paperwork quickly and effectively. This can help you to avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes, which may ultimately undermine your entire application.

A Good Immigration Lawyer is Worth Considering

In the above respects, paying for the services of an immigration lawyer can be worth its weight in gold, so the only question that remains is how should you go about finding a skilled representative to help your cause?

Personal recommendations are an excellent way of finding skilled and trusted immigration lawyers, as are personal reviews and detailed Google searches. We’d also recommending securing free advice from charitable groups such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, as this enables you consult with solicitors from a position of knowledge and insight.

Wrapping it up…

From here, you should be able to find an immigration lawyers that meets your expectations and is capable of helping you to achieve a desired outcome.