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Why is a Good VPN Service Important for Startups?

Almost half of all cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses. With such a devastating increase in cybercrime, every startup should start thinking about protecting their data. One of the most popular network protection methods includes using a virtual private network.

VPN acts as a shield that prevents hackers from collecting data. However, not all VPNs are safe and reliable. Some free VPN providers have been accused of collecting customer information and selling it to third parties. Protecting your customers information should be your top priority and so you should do careful research before signing up for a VPN.

Every startup owner must lay a strong foundation to keep their business up and running. That means investing in a reliable system defense. With so many amazing benefits, VPNs have become a popular choice. However, being a great businessman means that you should consider your options first, before making a final decision. That’s what sets apart good from the great.

When choosing a perfect virtual private network provider, reputable and reliable companies are the way to go. Many online resources can help founders make informed decisions. On the other hand, startup owners should also check if a VPN company is forthcoming and honest about how they use and protect your data.

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Why is Transparency so Important?

In 2018, AV-TEST published a VPN trust report. By looking at this report, one will notice that many VPN companies aren’t as transparent as they claim. Not all of them offer information on official data requests, company address, the board of directors, or investors.

When it comes to companies that offer cybersecurity solutions, it’s essential to know who they’re working with. That way, startup owners will recognize whose interest the VPN provider is acting in, as well as who might have access to their data. Such information can make or break the final purchase.

What Should a Good VPN Service Include?

There are three core aspects to consider when choosing a VPN provider:

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Accessibility

The whole point of paying for a premium VPN service is the ability to customize the software according to the customer’s needs. These are important questions everyone should ask before settling for a VPN product:

  • Can this VPN handle multiple users?
  • Does it offer remote access?
  • Can this VPN service scale in accordance with your company’s growth?

Most companies have more than two employees. Startup owners must ensure that their VPN plan will allow their workers to use the platform simultaneously, without connectivity issues or interruptions.

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular, which is exactly why one’s preferred VPN should offer secure remote features (you can download one from Play Store). Accessing data from unprotected servers can hurt that startup’s business and security. On the other hand, secure remote access will safeguard all their information.

However, the most important aspect is knowing how that VPN provider keeps a startup’s data safe. There are multiple security protocols, ranging from IPsec and L2TP (layering two tunneling protocol) to SSL (secure sockets layer), TLS (transport layer security), and PTTP (point-to-point tunneling protocol). The best VPN companies often combine multiple protocols to ensure reliable protection.

If you plan to set up an IPsec VPN, it requires configuring IPsec security protocols on both the server and client sides. The process includes establishing a shared secret key and setting up the encryption and authentication algorithms. IPsec VPNs are worth the time and effort as it provides a high level of security by encrypting data during transmission, which makes it difficult for cybercriminals to intercept or access the data. Additionally, IPsec VPN allows remote workers to securely access the company’s network as if they were on-premise, increasing productivity and collaboration. 

Why are Startups Vulnerable to Cyberattacks?

Data has become a product that has immense value on the black market. Hackers often target smaller companies because they assume the company doesn’t have a proper cybersecurity infrastructure in place. Although they are a big part of the problem, hackers are not the only culprit here.

Many malicious companies want to destroy the competition and become number one on the market. They often purchase stolen data from cybercriminals in hopes of using it for personal gain. That’s exactly why startups must invest in proper security measures.

Using any VPN service doesn’t necessarily mean your data is always safe, though. You’re relying on a VPN provider to keep your data secure and hope they won’t decide to sell it to other dodgy companies. That’s why you must dedicate a lot of time and effort into searching for the perfect VPN provider. If you make a wrong choice, you’re putting all your exclusive data in the wrong hands. That can yield awful consequences for your startup, employees, and customers. Make it a priority to conduct proper research and go through all the available options. Better safe than sorry.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.