Why is it Crucial for Your Pizza Restaurant to Have a Commercial Pizza Oven?

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The growing demands from customers along with a quicker pace is what pizza chefs have been continuously striving, day in and day out. This also comes with serving out top-notch pizzas.

With this perspective in mind, owners and managers of pizzerias should always be open to innovations when it comes to the restaurant equipment world by only choosing the best tools, most especially with the commercial pizza oven, because this is one of the best ways of boosting your pizza business.

Having a great pizza maker is essential, but this is not enough for you increase your sales, so it is really crucial that you will be able to buy a first-rate commercial pizza oven that can maintain the right temperature without having to lose the needed heat during cooking.

When you check on the marketplace, you can see that there is a wide variety of commercial pizza ovens. Your choices will range from the traditional wood-burning ovens up to the latest generation of electric ovens to gas-fired ovens to bake pan or round pizzas.

In terms of choosing the commercial pizza oven that will suit best with your activity, this will be dependent on several factors, some of those factors include –

  • The type of pizza whether it is baked in a pan or it is straight on the oven floor
  • The daily output of pizzas, and your personal tastes. No matter how you will be slicing your pizza, the key is still to have a great commercial pizza oven in order for you to produce a superb pizza.
  • And as you venture into the pizza business, there is one simple rule that you should also keep in mind always and that is, the longer the bake time is going to take, the higher is the risk of drying out your pizza thereby depriving it of its great flavors.

Commercial Pizza Oven Innovation Is Changing the Game

One of the most important innovations when it comes to the commercial pizza ovens are the rotating pizza ovens. These rotating pizza ovens are high-profile applies with dual fuel which means that it can operate by using gas and wood. With this type of feature, this will allow the pizza maker to have maximum flexibility in terms of choosing the more appropriate cooking system as he goes.

You will just have to select the fuel that you like most and then get the oven going by utilizing the most of the advantages that the rotating pizza oven has, and that includes uniformity and regularity of cooking the pizza.

There will be a control panel that is going to manage all of the rotating pizza oven operations in one simple, intuitive and hassle-free manner so that when peak times occur, this will make all of the difference by being able to rationalize work and resources.

Ultimately, being able to choose the right pizza oven for your business is going to be the make or break of your pizzeria that is why it is highly recommended that when you decide on buying a new pizza oven, you should not be skimp on the quality of the equipment. Another thing that is good about having a rotating pizza oven is that this will allow you to reach high production peaks without having to hire the most highly qualified personnel. But one drawback that you should know is that the rotating pizza oven costs more to run and maintain it.

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Differentiating Electric, Gas-Fired, or Wood-Fired Commercial Pizza Oven

With the rise of technological innovation, one concern that had risen is the improvement as to the characteristics of the classic commercial ovens. The first one is the electric-fired oven that produces heat through the use of an element. Then the gas-fired oven produced heat through a flame that is placed in its lower part or in its side. Then the wood-fired oven is one where heat is being generated from wood combustion.

With these different types of the oven also means that they have different heat transfers and different cooking methods. If you are planning to sell pizza by the slice, then you can choose to use an electric-fire pizza oven.

 All of these ovens can reach pretty high temperatures ranging from 300 to 350 degrees Celsius, and they come with a temperature control system and they also have handled in order to secure maximum safety. There are also some ovens that combine two features so that you will be able to bake different types of pizzas at the same time. These ovens are also easy to clean and are actually a great choice when it comes to catering all sorts of activities most especially if baking pans are used.

When it comes to the commercial gas-fired pizza ovens, they only incur lower production costs as compared to the electric-fired pizza ovens. Using a gas-fired oven is good if you want your restaurant to specialize in traditional focaccias and also Neapolitan pizzas which are crispy on the edges but soft in the center. These are powered by LPG and the temperature can easily reach up to 450 degrees Celsius which is a pretty good temperature when it comes to baking traditional pizzas. Gas-fired pizza ovens also come with a lot of accessories in order to simplify the use.

If you consider getting a wood-burning oven, the use of firewood can impart food with something extra which is a feature that other fuels do not have. The use of firewood will give the pizza a tangy, smoky and spicy aroma depending on the type of wood that you are going to use. Recommended woods that give quite a bit punch are olive, hazelnut, and juniper.

As to baking, the use of a wood-burning oven can cook the pizza until it’s done and this is according to the type of pizza and your taste preference. Technology has been changing the ways that wood-fired ovens are built and these resulted in an improvement in its characteristics by using first-rate refractory materials and by taking care of the smallest details in order to cater to the professional market the requires fast, efficient and low-cost products.

The Bottom Line:

Investing in the right equipment is one of the smartest choices when it comes to enhance your restaurant business and stand out in the crowd. And having the right commercial pizza oven is one such smartest choice for pizza restaurant!

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