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Why Job Fairs are So Important to Employers

New startup companies encounter the challenge of attracting qualified candidates whose skills and experiences can effectively perform their job responsibilities in order to help the company’s brand meet its goals. A job fair is a perfect venue to introduce your startup business and to assist in launching your products.

To bring a job fair into existence, it will require the expertise of an industry leader like that can provide canopies and tents imprinted with your company’s logo or special graphics to effectively promote your business.

Save Time on Resumes and Interviews

The benefits of hosting an outdoor or indoor job fair are monumental in its existence to build your brand with some of the best talent associated within your industry. At your job fair, you provide the opportunity to see your potential staff members one-on-one while interacting with each candidate to see if they are a match.

As an employer, a job fair saves time and money in garnering loads of resumes. Instead, you can collect a variety of resumes to match the positions that you wish to fill—right on the spot.

At the same time you gather resumes, your business has a great opportunity to interview each candidate. A hosted job fair reduces the amount of time it would normally take to conduct an interview. Job fairs are commonly known to be structured for short and informal interviews.

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Your HR staff member should prepare a list of evaluation questions used to gauge potential applicants’ background, expertise, and skills that are of interest to your business. Employers have an opportunity to ask specific job position questions to lessen the number of candidates with skills a candidate needed for you to fill the job posting you require.

A Job Fair Saves Marketing Revenue

A new start-up business increases its presence and its visibility within the surrounding community. Job fairs are advertised through newspapers, tv ads, radio ads, and social media websites. By participating or hosting a job fair, it allows your business to get marketing visibility and to spread the word about your company both to potential candidates and to the community-at-large. Organizing a job fair requires coordination and succinct planning.

This type of event garners a wide audience of talented job applicants while also elevating the industry profile of participating employers. Your job fair attendees are given the opportunity to see the culture of your company, along with meeting some of the staff persons they could be working with. In this type of environment, you will not have a difficult time convincing a candidate to work for you when you extend a job offer to them.

Instantly Increase Your Database

If your display is aptly displayed with color and inviting graphics, your new business will stand-out among the crowd. Also, you get to introduce your business logo and purpose with the written materials that you are displaying and handing out.

People can easily look up your business and learn more about what your goals are. You can stand out even more with information that they cannot find on the web. The more potential candidates that you engage with, the greater your candidate database will be at the end of the day.

Networking Matters

An additional benefit in hosting a job fair is the opportunity to network with other businesses. Job fairs help your business connections as well as career seekers in a mutually beneficial way. B2B connections are important to the success of startups. Recruiters and business owners come together to share in the commonality of the struggles and success of the industry.

Networking provides great referrals and contacts within your industry. They help you gain advice and insights into greater possibilities to explore and what your industry’s future looks like. Business researches have proven that 85% of all jobs are built by networking.

Job Fair Endnote

New startups and their hiring professionals should use creative and innovative ways to attract good talent for their business to grow. Professional social business websites are a great venue to promote your company and to connect with job candidates, but at a live job fair, your potential candidates will come to you.

As a new company, be sure to start off on the right path by following up with the applicants for employment whom you interviewed. An outdoor or indoor job fair is exactly what the description implies. It is an invitation to promote your business and fulfill your hiring needs. Hosting a job fair is an old but rejuvenating solution to recruiting success for your company.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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