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Why New Small Businesses Should Use a Shared Office Space

So you’ve put your small business plan into action, started developing relationships with clients, and you might even be hiring contractors to meet rising workloads. That’s good news, right? Sure, but that whole working from home thing is starting to become less and less feasible.

Benefits of Using a Shared Office Space

Since you’re just starting, signing a lease on an office building might be too risky or unaffordable. Still, you need somewhere to work, connect, and meet clients. That’s where coworking spaces become the perfect option. Many cities, such as Shenzhen, are embracing coworking spaces and the increased agility that they provide.

1- Shared Office Spaces are Flexible

A space to be creative without committing long-term is difficult to come by. Thankfully, coworking & creative studios and spaces offer affordable month-to-month agreements with no continuing obligations. If the demand for your products or services skyrockets, you can rent additional offices. If your workload drops, you can move right back to the home-office without a hitch.

2- You’re Surrounded by Networking Opportunities

Imagine how easy it would be to negotiate services, recruit new employees, learn from other businesses, and discover new clients if all of those parties were sitting nearby. You have access to a wealth of experiences right next door. Communicating about day-to-day challenges with entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners creates an excellent opportunity for growth.

Plus, you have a vast range of specialists at your fingertips. There may be a writer across the way that can help you with a press release. There’s a web designer next to him who can help you tweak your website. There’s even an internet marketing specialist who can get the word out about your company. All you have to do is strike up a conversation.

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3- You Present Professionally to Clients

If you’re about to take on a large contract from a potential client, they’re likely going to want to meet up and discuss your business and the opportunity at hand. If you bring them into your living room, they’re going to have trouble taking you seriously.

Shared office options provide professional, fully-furnished lounge areas, kitchens, conference rooms, and private office space to help successfully pitch any prospective client.

4- You Have a Fully Staffed Office Without the Payroll

Even the most self-sufficient entrepreneur can’t do it all. An on-site IT staff can help you through technical issues and save you time and money. A complete, supportive administrative staff can take care of the finer details of running a business so that you can concentrate on meeting deadlines or creating your next big concept. 

5- You’re Geared for Success

Have you ever stopped to consider just how expensive it is to furnish an entire office space? How about the cost of getting all of the necessary technology installed and operational?

Shared office space will have you up and running as soon as you walk in the door. You won’t pay for costly internet setup and monthly high-speed Wi-Fi. You’re also not buying phones or phone service; they’re already available to you.

Combine that with a full staff willing to meet your needs, and your company can bring in additional profits without any delay or significant expenditures.

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