Why SEO is So Important in 2020

The term SEO seems almost overused nowadays. From students being offered SEO internships in universities to advertisements about using SEO to get more customers, it seems that everyone and their dad are talking about SEO.

There are multiple software houses and companies like the Dallas SEO Services Agency that now specialize in SEO. There are even courses available to teach people how to do SEO for articles and websites. But what exactly does SEO mean and why is it on everyone’s lips, and their computer screens?

In this article, you will learn about SEO and the role it has to play in the modern marketplace.

What is SEO, and what does it do?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the processes by which your content becomes more likely to pop up when a query enters into a search engine. 3.5 billion searches are done daily on the google search engine.; This is a huge amount of traffic every day.

Since websites change their algorithms very rapidly, those that can do SEO learn as well. As search engines change their criteria for displaying results, the SEO companies also adjust. Their job is to ensure that no matter what the situation might be with the search engines, the client’s content is the first to appear during a google search

Not only does Search Engine Optimization increase organic online traffic to your content, but it also entails making your website more user-friendly. In a world full of flashing lights and smartphones, it is the customer that decides your success. In a world where everyone is fighting for a customer’s overstimulated (and thus, addled) attention span user-friendly products are King.  The same goes for your website and online place of business as well.

So basically, SEO helps your website to show up on the first page of results. Google is one of the behemoths of search engines and is the most widely used. If your content is on the first page of google search, then this improves the visibility of your website. As more and more people see your website, the number of those that click-through will also increase.

How big is the SEO industry?

It seems that every business has understood that the best way to increase business is through the internet. Everyone now understands the importance of optimizing your website or social media to get the most exposure. More exposure, more clicks and more business. Being on the front page of a search engine also has added benefits of increasing perceived authenticity to your brand. If a website pops up on the first page of Google, then it has to be genuine. It has to be authentic.

According to Forbes, the SEO industry will hopefully cross 80 billion US dollars in the year 2020; This speaks to the importance that companies and businesses attach to the search engine rankings. Everyone wants their sites to be the best rated so that they can show up in online searches for related things.

The importance of SEO in the internet age is underrated. SEO is a huge industry, and it seems that there are no chances for it to slow down in the future.

The world is evolving, so is the marketplace.

The world is constantly changing and evolving. The human civilization is by its nature growing and transforming in all aspects. The same can be said for the market environment as well. In times long past goods would be made and sold locally, and trade was minimum. The same applied to services. As modes of trade and technology advanced, the world became smaller and smaller.

After the period of enlightenment and the industrial revolution that came alongside it, global production reached a fever pitch. The local sellers and merchants had to face an entirely novel challenge. Big factories were producing at a massive scale and a lower price than smaller producers. Smaller businesses were essentially squeezed out by the bigger businesses from every big market on the planet.

With this shrinking of the known human world came the advent of big industry and big business; This was when economies of scale came into play. A multinational company were now able to outsell any local business anywhere around the world. Large companies were and to some extent are still the ones who call the shots in the global market; This is because they were able to make more products and make them available to the market. Those that could make more goods would be able to cut costs and put more goods on the market.  Those were the days of supply push economies. Big businesses could make huge amounts of products and then using newspaper ads, billboards, and TV commercials they encouraged the customers to buy their products.

Where does SEO come in, in all of this?

In this current market climate, however, and with the advent of the internet, things are starting to change. Consumers have become more and more aware of the fact that they are the important ones in the business-consumer relationship. More and more people are getting better education throughout the globe and markets have become more and more specific to customers; This can be seen in how big companies are trying to make their products more and more customized towards those that consume it.

Furthermore, the world is also switching from being solely dependant on product-based economies to service-based economies; This makes it more and more difficult for bigger companies to compete as it is far more difficult to provide the same kind of customized service to a global market.

SEO is a godsend for newer businesses and entrepreneurs looking to make an imprint on the market. With the huge influx of people looking through the internet every day, marketing has become easier for the individual. A website, if properly created and crafted to rank with the help of SEO, can reach far more people than a billboard. Customers have become far more specific to their locale in this modern age, and if they see that a local company is doing business, they are more likely to approach those smaller companies now.

SEO is a brilliant tool for smaller businesses to market their services and compete in the global marketplace.

In Conclusion

The SEO industry is a direct result of the age of the internet. Every business wants to be on the first page on google, and it is evident in the fact that the SEO industry is booming. As long as the internet exists, SEO will be how businesses compete to get the most brand exposure and succeed.