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Why You Should Use Time Clock Wizard to Manage Employee Hours

Starting up a business is quite exciting and you may find a clear line of growth sooner by using it. But, actual challenges start appearing as your business grows. For instance, timekeeping is a straightforward and easy task when you have only a few employees. Later on, it becomes complex as you manage a growing number of field workers, salespeople, and temporary employees.

Initially, you may keep track of employee hours on paper easily. But with an increased number of employees, paper timesheets just won’t work and you’ll need a robust software solution to handle tricky situations. This time card calculator is free and a must-try if you’re looking for a strong online timekeeping system.

So, in this article, we’re going to give you some insight on why you should use Time Clock Wizard. It’s one of the best services out there to help you manage all of your employee time data, so here’s the lowdown:

employee time clock calculator

Why You Should Use Time Clock Wizard Instead of Manually Calculating Employee Hours

Well, you may have a point that why should I use a time clock wizard to calculate employees’ hours when I already have a dedicated person to do it manually. So, here’s the list of benefits that should answer all your queries:

1- It is very helpful not just for timekeeping, but also for accurate calculations as it automatically tabulates all work hours and converts them to dollars and cents. Doing calculations manually is time taking and has higher chances of mistakes.

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2- It lets your employees clock in and out from anywhere so you can keep an eye on employees in real-time and don’t have to wait for the field workers to come to the office and report.

3- It accelerates the whole process and you can export or print the reports quickly. Data entry in another case is a hectic task.

4- As it’s automatic and accurate, you don’t need to incur those laborious efforts for generating payroll every month.

5- And above all, you don’t need an office admin particularly for timekeeping and payroll generation. You can save the amount of salary that you’d have spent on this non-productive task otherwise!

Benefits in More Detail:

I’m sure you now know the basics of how to use Time Clock Wizard, and what it can do for you. First of all, the Time Clock Wizard manages all the duties of employee hours for you. This means that you don’t have to do this yourself nor hire an office assistant to do this job. The time and money you can save with an app like this are bound to be worth it. 

Let’s take a look into what you can do better now that the responsibility of employee hours is off your shoulders. 

First, you could focus the time you’ve saved on quality control and employee supervision. You won’t be wasting time with your head in the books, and because of that, you can ensure that all of your employees’ hours are being spent doing quality work. Ensuring that hours are being spent the right way could increase your company’s output and product quality. This can turn into accelerated business in no time!

You could also focus your newfound time on growing your brand. Now that you aren’t spending those hours of your week double-checking and organizing employee timesheets, you can focus more on brand expansion and reach. Get in contact with people that you’ve been meaning to reach out to, learn a bit more about SEO and brand positioning, anything to divert your extra time to productive ventures. 

time calculator with lunch

Now, I’m sure that you must be sold on the idea of the Time Clock Wizard. As your business steadily grows, you’ll forever find ease within the realm of employee management. Think of the time and money you could save by doing this! 

All you need to do now is set up your account and fill in all the info it requires to work. You’ll see the benefits yourself! If you have any questions about how to use Time Clock Wizard, let us know in the comments below and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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