Why Should I Use Time Clock Wizard Instead of Manually Calculating Employee Hours

Starting up a business is quite exciting and you may find a clear line of growth sooner. But the actual challenges start appearing as the business grows. For instance, time keeping is a straightforward and easy task with a few employees, but it becomes complex with growing number of field workers, sales people, and temporary employees.

Initially, you may keep track of employee hours on paper easily, but with increased number of employees, the paper timesheets do not just work and you need a robust software solution to handle the tricky situations. This time card calculator is free and a must try if you’re looking for a strong online time keeping system.

timeclock wizard

Well, you may have a point that why should I use a time clock wizard to calculate employees’ hours when I already have a dedicated person to do it manually. So, here’s the list of benefits that should answer all your queries:

1- It is very helpful not just for time keeping, but also for accurate calculations as it automatically tabulates all work hours and converts them to dollars and cents. Doing calculations manually is time taking and has higher chances of mistakes.

2- It lets your employees’ clock in and out from anywhere so you can keep an eye on employees in real time and don’t have to wait for the field workers to come to office and report.

3- It accelerates the whole process and you can export or print the reports quickly. Data entry in other case if a hectic task.

4- As it’s automatic and accurate, you don’t need to incur those laborious efforts for generating payroll every month.

5- And above all, you don’t need an office admin particularly for time keeping and payroll generation. You can save the amount of salary that you’d have spent on this non-productive task otherwise!

time is money

I am sure, with so many benefits, you must be convinced to prefer the online time clock wizard over manual work.

Now all you need to do is to set up your account properly and give the system all the parameters that it needs to calculate employee hours. You’ll see the benefits yourself!