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Why Should You Move Your Startup to Dubai: 5 Reasons to Convince You

Much has been said about Dubai being one of the best places to do business: taxation-free, luxurious lifestyle, plenty of leisure options and a very hot summer… but is it a good city for start-ups? According to evidence it really is!

This article will share with 5 reasons on why you should consider moving your startup to Dubai. So, feel free to give this article a read, and who knows, maybe after so you will start packing your bags and look for an international relocation company. (Get a quote at

#1 – Networking at its Best:

Did you know that 85% of people who live in Dubai are expats? Moreover, there are over 200 nationalities living in this city and from very different backgrounds, so you have plenty of opportunities for networking.

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Furthermore, Dubai hosts several international events every single year and these are a wonderful opportunity to network with like-minded people who can help you to launch your startup and accomplish your entrepreneurial dreams.

#2 – Regulations Are ‘Excellent’:

We all know that regulations can be a real pain and struggle, but hopefully, Dubai is very kind in this regard, and you just need to read the following to understand why:

  1. Excellent labor laws
  2. No personal income taxes
  3. No corporate taxes
  4. Free transfer of funds
  5. No duties on import and export

What you’ve just read is more than enough to motivate you to move your startup to Dubai, because in terms of regulations this city is very kind and liberal.

#3 – Great Political and Economic Environment:

Dubai, and the whole UAE, in fact, has proven to be very stable in terms of politics and economics. We all know that a rough and disturbed political and economic environment is never a good thing, so worry not because everything is going alright in this city.

#4 – Free Zones:

This is another very interesting and attractive feature of this city… but what are they? Once you opt for a license to obtain 100% of the ownership of your business, then you will need to choose a location from the several free zones in Dubai, and you get the following benefits:

  1. No corporate taxes
  2. No personal income taxes
  3. They have exceptional infrastructure
  4. Document is well-suited for foreigners
  5. Long-term leasing

All in all, these free zones offer plenty of benefits and another advantage is that they are governed by their own juridical committees. Free zones really add even more value to this city.

#5 – Plenty of Investors:

There’s one thing you need to take into account: competition is fiery. But if you don’t mind a little of it, then worry not, because there are several investors in this city willing to invest in startups.

But there’s another thing to take into account: investors prefer to inject money when the startup has already proven to be viable. Therefore, you will have to prove you have a successful business model and product in order to attract serious investors.


These 5 reasons should be more than enough to let you see why Dubai is an excellent place for your startup. So… what are you waiting for? It is time to relocate!

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.