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Why Should Your Startup Hire a Linguist When Automated Translation is Available

In today’s business, communication matters. This is true whether you are managing a start-up or a big company. One of the things that you should focus on is communication. This does not mean dealing only with the customers.

It also refers to the company leads, seeking potential customers in new markets, or handling employees between different departments. It is essential that all information, no matter what type, goes across a language barrier.

In the 1950s, computers started solving problems. Today, translation is one of the many well-coded skills. Thus, when we talk about translating, who can you depend on?

For example, you want to translate your website into another language. Why do you have to pay for a translation company when you can have the content translated for free with the click of a button? Well, despite the advance technologies being available, the human effort still makes a huge difference.

Here are some reasons why should you consider hiring a good and reputable translation agency rather than relying on automated translation.

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It is essential to talk to someone when things go crazy. If you don’t like the output of a translation, you can call someone for revision. If you have a question or clarification, then you can ask for clarifications of a term that you don’t think can be the right choice for your content.

Thus, if you wish to hire the translation services composed of human beings, then the manager can ask his team of translators for the questions that you have. Meanwhile, you cannot argue with a computer because this will end you with nothing.


Confidentiality is a popular subject. The computer must first read the entire document before translating it. To begin, you have to upload the document on the internet. As soon as it is on the internet, you can compromise confidentiality. Thus, if you wish to translate a private and sensitive document with regards to the finances of your company, you might want to pay for the translation services of a linguist.

You can prepare and enter into a non-disclosure agreement to make sure that your classified data will never be leaked. If you opt for a machine translation, double-check their Terms and Conditions.


Machine translations cannot recognize the text that you wish to translate. Moreover, they don’t care about your business. With a good linguist, he can communicate best with your customers. They understand how you like your content to sound so the right message can be conveyed accordingly.


Apart from language, culture is also a barrier. For example, when we talk about slogans, what is normal in one country might be offensive in another country. That is where linguists come into the picture. They understand both the language and culture. If you select the right one, you can have a chance to meet someone who has experienced living in the target culture. With this, they can convey the information, ideas, and style accurately which a translating machine can’t do.

Prevent Machine Translation Errors

We are all aware of machine translation mistakes. For example, the machine can translate it as ‘Paul is dead’ when the article simply means ‘meatball’. Indeed, machine translations are not bad. However, it can sound silly especially when you use it for formal documents.

This is true when you use idiomatic expressions because only human beings can properly understand it. If you want your content to sound professional, then hiring a linguist is a must.

The Bottom Line

Hiring a professional translator or an agency that offers translation service is the best choice for startups expanding business in a foreign land, because no matter how great automated translation is, you still need an expert to verify the quality of translation.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.