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Why Small Business Website Security is More Important than Ever Before?

As technology is advancing upwards, so are the dangers that come with it. The same goes for the case of cyber attacks and the internet. The number of cyber attacks is increasing day by day as more and more people are using the internet for their daily endeavors.

That is why it is essential for companies, businesses, and even individuals to use AI Cybersecurity and protect confidential and vital data from potential threats. Businesses should in fact have a proper plan to invest in cyber security, because they are more prone to cyber-attacks than individual users.

The cybersecurity threat is present on all platforms of the internet, and almost every big or small business is exposed to the cyber-attacks at some point, however, small business websites are more vulnerable to the attacks.

If you are a small business owner or manager, you should know that protecting your business website is like securing your fort against the cyber criminals.

This article aims to provide you with reasons as to why you should take precautions and protect your business website from such dangers.

1- Once a Website is Hacked, Your Customers are in Danger

There are many malware available on the internet today, which the hackers use to hack into a website. Once your website is hacked; then any information elated to your website is at risk, which means that hackers will now try to hijack the data of your customers or all the sources of your site.

This way, the hacked information can be used to blackmail your customers and do wrong things.

2- The Number of Cyber Crimes is at its Peak

As we discussed above, the number of cyber crime is increasing daily. In 2016 the figure for data breeches was 50 million, but it doubled to 100 million by 2017.

In 2018 the figure went up some more, and popular platforms like Facebook, Marriot International, and British Airways came under the threat (some even got hacked).

The recent attack on Twitter which resulted as scam of millions of US dollars in under 30 minutes is an example of how quick and complex a cyber attack can be.

This is why google alerts every website to protect themselves, even when websites go near potential threats.

3- Your Business Loses Reputation

Even Twitter lost a great deal of credibility in the recent attack, and in case of small businesses, the loss is hard to bear.

There are more than 2 million websites on the internet, and they all get ranked via a search engine. Users search for websites via search engines.

If your website shows the slightest chance of lacking cybersecurity or not including HTTPS, then it is marked insecure and ranked lower by the search engines. This leads the company to lose customers hence its reputation.

4- Your Website will be Blacklisted

Similar to what we discussed above. If google senses threat or at the same time, a user navigates your site, it will show the users a warning message that ‘this site can harm your computer’ and the users immediately exit the site. If your site stays unsafe, google will blacklist it, and you will lose more than 95% of your users.

Hopefully, now you would have understood the importance of cybersecurity and will use mitre Att&ck and other precautions to make the site safe.

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