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Why Users on Social Media Follow and Unfollow Business Accounts

Social media is effective leverage for business owners. Local small businesses are now competing with established brands in one arena.

That is a well-known fact. But to survive the wild competition, any brand has to understand what drives followers to them and what triggers their wish to unfollow.

The specifics can vary from one market segment to another, but there are some ground rules that will provoke the reaction from users online.

Why Users on Social Media Follow and Unfollow Business Accounts

Gaining Instagram, Facebook, or Twitch followers, using sites like or without their help is now what can determine the success of any brand.

And in this article are gathered the most relevant reasons for following and unfollowing business pages. Let’s discover what causes the intention to leave your brand page, and what causes the opposite effect.

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social media

Let’s start with things that cause unsubscribing.

Inconsistent Posting

Having a regular schedule is a must if you want to keep your brand visible on any platform. Uploading too rarely will provoke users losing attention to your content at all. To keep your account noticeable you must create a specific plan for your content and post it regularly.

This way you will gain a stable flow of followers. Another aspect of this matter is the range of content types that you use. It is worth trying to embrace all the formats that are offered on the platform. For example, if you run on Instagram, create:

  • Carousel posts,
  • IGTV,
  • Stories ( especially Stories!),
  • Video posts, etc.

Too Obtrusive Posting

The other side of the previous point. Being too active online is irritating. Users don’t like spammy pages at all. To preserve the balance in their feed, they will unfollow you. That rule is not too strict for formats like Stories on Instagram, or Tik Tok, because of the average content length.


You must understand that your promotion should not overrun the entertainment that people get online. Give them space to see something else, and concentrate on creating better content that will catch the attention of the users with its quality and usage.

Inactive Response

Social media are created for communication in the first place. So someone who doesn’t interact with the audience much will lose the competition. On social platforms, service is still important as it is in physical stores. Being positive, polite, and showing eagerness to help your customers is a basis for any enterprise.

But on social media, it is also important to create a bond with your audience, for further turning them into your customers. Brands shouldn’t be afraid to react openly to problematic situations. Supporting your clients in any problem is a nice addition to your public image.

Robotic Communication

This is an aspect of the previous point, but it is worth being highlighted in a separate paragraph. Social media requires a more lively style of conversation. Answering like a machine will make users think that you don’t actually care about them and that you are not interested in communication. That fact can cause unfollowing.

People love feeling your sincere interest in conversing with them, and if they notice your presence as a person on the business page, that attracts them a lot.

Using A Wrong Platform

Not every network is suitable for active business promo campaigns. For example, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are perfect marketplaces for most industries, and by now the developers included specific options that make business affairs more comfortable both for customers and brands.

They provide a possibility to sell products directly, for instance. And places like YouTube or Pinterest are less suitable for this particular purpose. They can be used as promoting instruments perfectly, but the process of purchase is not that comfortable and simple to users.

Choosing your dominant platform wrong can lead to dire consequences for your business success. Try integrating the best features of each network that you occupy to get the best performance.

Okay, now we understand what one should not do. So here come the factors that increase the following rates for business profiles.

Various Content

Again – people come to social media to be entertained in the first place. They want to find something new and engaging for themselves. So your task as a brand is not only to showcase your product, but to show how it is used, what is the specifics of its production, how it is useful for people, what are the unique features of it, and so on.

But you should not limit yourself to just the description of your product from multiple angles. People want to know more about the person who stands behind the brand. They would love to read the history of your business, your motivation practices, and business insights. Be open and share your personal experience – that factor is highly attractive online.

Strong Position And Brand Voice

social media

Producing good stuff is not enough. To succeed in your promotion strategy, you have to make your brand relatable to the main affairs of the world. People prefer to purchase products and goods from brands that share the same values and social positions. And social networks are the best place to manifest your thoughts.

The main topics that can attract an audience to your brand are:

  • Is your product healthy? How does your business help to save our planet from further pollution? Do you sort the trash? Or maybe you are a vegan yourself? All that is great leverage to pull the interest of users to you. Sustainable products, cruelty-free testing, and other practices of this sort are definitely a plus to your follower number.
  • Social movements support. Nowadays our world is shaken consistently with the revolutionary movements for equality and tolerance. LGBTQ+, feminism, and body-positive, BLM are just the first things to come to mind. Showing your support to global affairs of such sort means you have a modern model of business, that is related to its customers.
  • Charity and fundraising. Users will highly appreciate your efforts in helping someone. They will pay you back with their loyalty and engagement. Being socially active and caring is bringing a lot of attention to global problems like hunger, medical help, or domestic violence. Choose what is closer to your heart and show your real actions. Encourage your followers into helping as well. But don’t be too obtrusive with it – paying too much attention to your charity can provoke the thought that you are boasting about it.

Engage With your Audience

social media

Make your fans participate in the life of your brand. To keep them interested in following you, try to increase the level of interaction between you. You can provide contests and giveaways, or create polls and other feedback collecting techniques. Ask questions and give people some food for thought. This will both help you to keep the engagement up and adjust your business strategy according to the results you get.


As you can see, in the matter of following, it is important to keep the balance of things. Post often, but don’t overload your subscribers with your presence online. Grow your followers, even if you have to buy TikTok followers on TikCeleb. Promote your product, but don’t forget that there are other topics to highlight. Talk to your followers, not at them. And always try to make the products of the highest quality, of course.

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