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6 Reasons Why You Need a Glass Wine Decanter

To buy or not to buy? That’s the question some people ask themselves when it comes to glass wine decanters. Many are skeptical about the benefits, but it turns out that there are plenty of reasons why you need a glass wine decanter, whether you’re planning to bring it to your next dinner party or just want to impress guests at home with your sophisticated wine-drinking skills! Read on and see if you think that a glass wine decanter is right for you!

1) Glass Wine Decanters are Eco-Friendly

Unlike their metal or plastic counterparts, glass decanters are much easier to recycle and are recyclable in most municipalities. They can also be reused countless times, meaning less waste in landfills and incinerators. Glass is also a very durable material; it will last much longer than most other kinds of wine decanters without any significant wear and tear. All of these factors make glass a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional options like metal or plastic.

2) A Glass Wine Decanter Adds Elegance

A glass wine decanter adds elegance to any party, and it will show off your best bottles. A glass wine decanter allows your guests to admire your drink choices, rather than hide them in an opaque container. And remember, if you’re choosing between red and white: Clear glass makes reds look more vibrant while green or amber glasses make whites shine brighter. A good rule of thumb is to match up darker-colored wines with darker-colored glasses.

3) All Wine Tastes Better in a Decanter

A glass wine decanter is not just for show—it actually makes your favorite wines taste better. A glass decanter allows oxygen to diffuse through its walls, which in turn better releases aromas from your favorite varietals. The result? You’ll enjoy higher-quality wines that are richer and more complex. Plus, it’s easier to pour wine into glasses with a glass decanter than it is with an open bottle!

4) Wine Lasts Longer in a Decanter

Since it’s not exposed to air or light, glass ensures that your wine will taste its best for up to two hours after being poured. When your reds and whites are left in an open bottle, they continue to oxidize and release carbon dioxide, which speeds up their aging process. Oxygen is also a major cause of cork taint, which has unpleasant chemical notes like wet cardboard or rotten eggs. See website–

5) They make Great Gifts!

Glass wine decanters are generally less expensive than their other counterparts, but they can still be considered luxury items. As such, they make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. In fact, many glass decanters come with stands that hold an entire bottle of wine upright. This makes it easier to remove a portion of wine for immediate drinking and keeps the rest fresh for future use.

6) They are Easy to Use and Clean

Wine decanters are easy to use. You simply pour your glass of wine through it, and it separates out sediment and makes your wine taste better. All you have to do is run some warm water over it and wash off any sediments with a sponge. Plus, it’s made from glass so there’s no more worrying about contaminating food or water that’s in contact with plastic. Just set them on top of your countertop or sink, and voila!


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