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3 Wines You Should Order at a Business Dinner

When it comes to a business dinner setting, there is likely a lot going through your head that you’re wanting to consider to ensure everything runs perfectly.

3 Wines You Should Order at a Business Dinner

One of these things is the wine on the table and you’re going to want to make sure that you’re choosing the right wine for yourself and your business partners, guests, or potential clients.

Keep in mind that wine is about more than professionalism at the table, but it’s always about making an impression and a statement about the type of event you’re holding for your clients, and this can really make or break whatever the event is you’re holding. 

In this article, we’ll take a look over the types of wines you should consider, and a few categories rather than a list of specific wines, and you should have no trouble choosing the best wines for your business dinner.

Understanding Food Pairings 

Off the top one of the first things you’re going to want to do is to understand the food pairings with specific types of wine and whether you’re going to choose the right type of wine or not for the flavor profile of the foods on your table. 

It shows formality and respect when your guests can see that you have taken the time to pair your wines and meals correctly at the table and this can mean that you’re making a good impression. 

With that in mind, even if you are a great wine picker out of your group of friends, you should still always do your research, or ask the waitstaff beforehand which types of wine pair best with the meals on the menu and go from there. 

Value and Price 

Before we dive into our types and categories of wine below, we have one more point to take a look at and that is the cost of the wine you’re looking to buy, though you shouldn’t always go for the most expensive or flamboyant wine types. 

A lot of the time, your clients are going to be looking at your approach to and respect for money rather than your confidence in ordering the most expensive bottle of wine, and so thinking about which wine to invest in and making a calculated choice rather than getting the highest cost is always the best way to go. 

The High Reds 

If you’ve been suggested to go for red wine by wait staff or you’re confident that a bottle of red wine is going to pair perfectly with the meals you’ve had placed for your clients, then heading for a red wine that originates from altitude is always the way to go here. 

If you’re looking to impress through flavor and also your ability to choose a wine that will blow your clients and business partners away, then we suggest something like a Cheval des Andes from Argentina or a Château Cheval Blanc. 

These are going to be a fantastic pick for those looking for a kilometer-above-sea-level flavor profile that you simply cannot beat with anything else out there.

Southern Hemisphere Whites

Though the general rule of thumb is to head to any white wines coming out of France, you’ll be cutting yourself short if you don’t consider the southern hemisphere, and that is down to the fact that the white wines coming out of New Zealand offer some of the most exotic and flavorful experiences out there today, especially when it comes to choosing a wine that pairs well with a business dinner. 

Our top choice white wine is one from Marlborough in New Zealand and is the Cloudy Bay Te Koko which will be one of the best wines offering a savory flavor with notes of fruit and spice.

A Sparkling Dom Pérignon

To cap off our list and suggestions, you’re going to want to jump into a Dom Pérignon if you’re after a sparkling wine given that this is the staple sparkling for elegant and professional business settings and you’re going to be in good hands here if you’re looking to impress in a way that isn’t too showy nor too pared back. 

The Takeaway

With our points about wines out of the way, we’re sure you’ll have the information and the confidence you need to make a selection that is going to leave you a winner at the business dinner and possibly snag you new clients or impress existing ones. 


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