“With” Brings your Physical Hangouts Online

If you are a marketer or instagrammer, you know how important it is to be truly social on social media! However, having thousands of followers on social media is not truly social, because you don’t know them all!

Well, being truly social is important not just for marketers and instagrammers, but also for consumers. So, if you want to experience the social media in its exact form, must try With app which helps you bring your physical hangouts online.

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Simply by tapping your phones together you can create a group, take collaborative photos, and invite friends to hang out! That’s how you tell the world who you’re with and what you’re doing – together.

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Creating live groups with the people around you is being really social. Your group will be showcased on the Explore page of the app so you can get enough hype on your photos and your group will become world famous!  A must try for people working on particular causes!

The app has better camera features with photo filters to add some flair to your pictures, so don’t worry about editing photos separately!

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With in Their Own Words:

Social media isn’t social. The content we see today isn’t at all relevant to our lives. With is the first truly social, social media app which focus on the people you’re with – not your 10,000 irrelevant followers.

Physically tap your phones to make a group and tell your friends who you’re with in realtime. Post photos to your group and invite friends to join.


What Brings With to the Spotlight:

It’s let you get social in real life!


With Website: http://www.getwith.co