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Women Entrepreneurship in India at a Glance

Unlike the west, the male dominated society in India has always been reluctant to even acknowledge the fact that women are as good as men when it comes to hard work, intelligence and leadership traits.

But the new generation women in India have proven all these notions wrong and came to the spotlight of entrepreneurship with huge success.

Yes, the percentage of women entrepreneurs in India is not as high as it is in United States or Europe, but the trends are changing with successful women operating businesses inland and overseas and in almost all the industries.

Yes, you do see prominent women business owners in Fashion Retail, Hospitality, Finance, IT and in every other emerging field.

Despite the fact that women in India has more barriers to entrepreneurship than that of European and American female entrepreneurs, the determination and enthusiasm for starting a business is way more than one can think of. This is probably one of the biggest reasons for many investors to invest in startups founded and lead by women entrepreneurs.

Although the regions with opportunities for women entrepreneurs in India are limited to a few big cities, but slowly and gradually the seeds of entrepreneurship are penetrating into the connected cities as well. This list of top 50 women entrepreneurs of India itself is so motivating!

India itself is too big and talking about women entrepreneurs in India with text will be too boring. Let’s have a visual tour and see where in India and what women entrepreneurs are doing.

An Overview of Women Entrepreneurship in India

What Needs to be Done?

Access to mentors and a dearth of investors for women owned businesses still stand as reasons for the lack of a support system for women entrepreneurs in many regions, especially the rural India.

Their ability to raise money as well as learn from the role models or availability of business advisors, is something that needs attention of government and other entrepreneurial programs. Though there are organizations working to empower women, it’s not enough to target a big chunk of population.

As a fact of the matter, Indian women entrepreneurs need strong role models, and so women need to encourage other women—whether in entrepreneurship or in big corporates.

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