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Empowering Women in Business: 5 Things You Startup Can Do

Did you know that only 38% of manager positions are held by women? Or that for every 100 men that are promoted to manager level roles, only 79 women move up in similar roles?

Empowering Women in Business: 5 Things You Startup Can Do

Needless to say, women in business are still straggling behind as the road to gender diversity is grueling and slow.

So, what can you do to help? Your startup can empower women in the workplace, amplify their voices and encourage female success. Keep reading to find out how.

1. Diversify Leadership by Promoting Women 

When you’re planning internal moves in the company, ensure that you don’t breeze over high-achieving women when you’re making your selections.

There should be transparency and open communication with all your staff members about what it takes to get a promotion. If you have strong female staff members that meet your criteria for promotion, don’t hesitate to empower women in the workplace by bringing them into leadership positions.

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2. Ensure That Female Voices Are Heard 

There are plenty of powerful female entrepreneurs that are absolutely killing it. But most of them had to fight tooth and nail to be recognized and heard. Don’t miss out on benefiting from intelligent, innovating, and creative women in the workplace by silencing them.

Encourage women in your office to be heard at the table. Don’t let anyone take the credit for her good ideas, provide public speaking opportunities for your female employees too. Invite female public speakers to give talks at your office. Life the female voice up.

3. Guarantee Equality in the Workplace

If you’re wondering how to empower women in your business, the first step is easy: equal pay for equal work and experience. It’s the 21st century and there are still plenty of women who earn less than their male counterparts for the same job.

It goes without saying that any startup shouldn’t start out by setting a precedent with a gender pay gap.

4. Introduce Programs for Women in Business

Women need a bit of support to play catch up to their male counterparts who have been leading in business since the beginning of time. This includes onsite job training, career advancement opportunities, and more.

Your start-up should include programs for women in business to create a culture of inclusivity and equality. This includes planning out-of-work activities and corporate events with empowering women in mind.

5. Establish Gender Diversity Goals 

The world has a long way to go to reaching gender equality, and your company is a cog in those gears. So, don’t feel discouraged when you don’t have perfectly balanced gender diversity straight away.

Rather, set your business some long-term gender diversity goals and hold yourself accountable to them. This way you can track your progress and remind yourself to be proactive.

Stand up for Women in Business 

If you’re a start-up in the 21st century, there’s no excuse not to empower women in business. You have the knowledge, the awareness, and the position to do so. And with so many incredible female entrepreneurs, your business is only set to benefit.

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