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How to create a site with WordPress: Optimal Tool for Website Building

In our day and age of online enterprise, you will need to have a website if you decide to get involved in any type of business activity. Creating a website can seem incredibly difficult and confusing, but fortunately, you do not need to be an IT specialist to perform the task well. Besides, there are plenty of highly effective content management systems to help you in the process.

WordPress is by far the most popular of all the website builders currently available on the market. In the following sections, we will explain how you can use this CMS to build your own site, what you will need for this purpose and how much it will cost you in the end.

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How to Create a Site

Basically, to build a website, you will need to:

Think of a Name for It

Your potential and actual target audience, as well as the search engine, will know about your business by your site’s domain name, so it must be both user- and SEO-friendly. That is, the name you invent or select should:

  • Be simple and easily pronounceable
  • Give the user and search engine a clear idea of what your business is all about
  • Help them locate you on the map

Once you have a name in mind, you ought to check that it has not been taken up yet. And if it is still available, you will need to buy it from a domain registrar or directly from WordPress.

Find a Platform to Host It

WordPress provides hosting services too, so you need to look no further, but you can also search for an external host if you like. If you decide to do that, make sure that the platform you select:

  • Is professional and reliable
  • Has a high domain authority score
  • Provides reasonable and prompt technical assistance and support

Create an Online Structure and Content for It

This is the main part of the task, as well as the one in which you can truly benefit from using advanced CMS services. Of course, you can choose to do it manually, but why not make life easier for yourself by using software designed specifically to help you achieve better results in less time?

WordPress is one of the best tools for this purpose, and we will tell you how to use it for website building with minimal investments. But first, let us take a look at how much you can expect to pay for its services.

General Expenses

To begin with, you can download and start using WordPress software free of charge. Additional features, such as extensions, themes, and add-ons, will cost you extra, though. You can enquire about the up-to-date prices on its official website, as the total costs may come to anything from $100 to $2.5K per month.

Still, the average monthly expenses seem to range between $10 and $40. In addition, you will pay between $4 and $8 per month for the hosting services. And if you would like to obtain a domain name directly from WordPress, it will cost you about $15 U per year.

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Website Building Process

1. Set Up Your Site

Essentially, it boils down to:

  • Selecting a domain name
  • Paying to have it registered
  • Setting up an account with a host
  • Selecting a pricing plan

And as we have already mentioned, you can do all of that on WordPress. You will find domain names and the terms of its hosting services by clicking on the corresponding buttons at the bottom of its homepage.

2. Download WordPress Software

The download procedure is very easy and quick. All you need to do is:

  • Go to the WordPress homepage
  • Click on the Start Your Website button
  • Enter your e-maill address, username and password
  • Click on the Create Your Account button
  • Follow the instructions

3. Pick the Optimal Themes for Your Site Structure

The next step is to create an optimal and personalized design for your site. Luckily, WordPress provides an incredibly large selection of themes and templates for this purpose. Moreover, nearly 10,000 of them are available free of charge.

Just go to Features on the top bar of its homepage, click on WordPress Themes and browse the collection. You can select the ones you like by clicking on them.

4. Fill Your Website with Relevant Content

Now that it is time to actually fill your site with content, you will be pleased to discover infinite possibilities on WordPress, in terms of both types of data and presentation formats. You can browse the options by clicking on the corresponding buttons at the top and bottom of the homepage.

5. Fine-Tune the Content and Layout

WordPress also provides multiple options for improving the content of your site and customizing its layout. You will find these options in the Settings section.

6. Enhance Its Functionality with WordPress Features

If you go to Features on top of the home page and click on WordPress Plugins, you will find nearly 60,000 of them to help you improve the overall quality of your website for free.

Final Word

WordPress offers a virtually infinite variety of tools and features, and it will take time to discover and master them all. You will be able to constantly improve your website if you continue to explore and practise various WordPress functions and features.

You can find a lot of useful resources by clicking on the corresponding button on top of the homepage. And if you ever need assistance, customer support is continuously available in multiple languages through diverse communication channels.

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